Guerrilla Radio

Yesterday went rather well, actually. And I’m keen for a repeat performance.
After a morning snack I head off to the south, back to where Joe found the man the geckos has killed. Joe grabs a quick drink as I pass by the goodsprings well, and proceed to push further south.

It’s a fair amount of walking and Joe isn’t able to find anything of interest. Other than a few random plants I was beginning to think it was all going to be a bit of a bust.

Luckily I keep trudging onwards, because up in the hills I spot a large caravan. Closer investigation reveals that it’s a small pirate radio station. Filled with radio equipment, it looks very impressive – But now Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Gorrilla Radio’ is well and truly stuck in my head.

Contact I highjacked the frequencies

Contact I highjacked the frequencies

Guerrilla Radio

Guerrilla Radio

Turn that s#$% up!

Turn that s#$% up!

As well as the radio equipment there is a mattress and a few supplies. And there is some rather melancholy graffiti scrawled on the walls reading: “Everyone is gone. I am all alone. Let it all end.”
But, hey – at least he left me all his stuff!

Much to my sorrow, the broadcast equipment is far too big to take with me. So instead Joe sets about the task of ‘prospecting’ by swiping anything else that’s not nailed down.

Along with all the junk I find a few bottle caps, some ammo and a Wasteland Survival Guide. The guide is the very same that would have been co-authored by Fallout 3 hero during the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.
Obviously Joe wasn’t a hero and never did that quest, yet apparently the book got written anyway. No doubt full of useful information such as ‘look in old stores for food’ and ‘landmines are bad’. Regardless of what’s in the book, it will permanently raise Joe’s survival skill. Not too shabby.

Joe winds his way down the hill, intending to head back to the road. On his way he runs into a few more geckos, which I obviously am pretty keen to hunt. At this rate I’ll be sitting pretty for freaken weeks!

No shelter if you're lookin' for shade

Pretty brave considering you're made out of breakfast

It’s all going fairly well until some powder gangers I hadn’t noticed start joining in the fight. I’m not sure where they came from, but they are a major complication. I try and manoeuvre around to limit the chances for them to shoot me until I’ve managed to kill the geckos.

Lights out!

Lights out!

Once the geckos are gone it’s much easier to start dealing to the gang members. Once I close in on them it’s suddenly clear what had happened – Joe had strayed too close to a gang check-point..

Was it cast for the mass who burn and toil?

I'm busy here - can't you wait in line?

I wasn’t able to catch it on camera, but a mini-glitch caused the 2nd one to fly up into the sky before falling to his death. It was AWESOME.

Or for the vultures who thirst for blood and oil?


By the time it’s all done Joe has a crippled leg, low health and absolutely no 10mm ammo left. But I get to loot their checkpoint and strip the aggressors down to their tighty whities.
Fitting punishment for those who defy me.

It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime

All your pants are belong to us!

What better place than here, what better time than now?

I... err... need to confiscate this

I limp back to Goodsprings and go to visit the doctor. Limping makes the normally tedious task of walking take even longer. It’s late by the time we’re done, but I’m fit and healthy thanks to the good doctor.
I’ll have to remember to get some more ammo tomorrow, but I spend the rest of the day playing Caravan with Ringo and win a little more then I lose.

All hell can't stop us now

I NEED to upgrade


2 Responses to “Guerrilla Radio”

  1. Poor Joe, I hope his leg heals properly! I’ve been playing Fallout3, wonder if the survival guide will give more bonuses if you complete the quest in F3… Similar to the DragonAge carry over from 1-2?? That would be cool. I was thinking of a similar blog for my F3 character, I could “find a diary” writing about a mysterious wastelander Joe and his escapades of becoming a trader… But I’d never get as good as this blog.

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