Like a bat out of hell….

Joe, if not rich, is at least well off. Despite the fact he still lives in a rusty old caravan he has enough food and resources to live fairly comfortably.
Joe spends the next ten in-game days living like a scripted NPC – Eating, drinking, sleeping away the time. Afternoons I gamble with Ringo, Evenings are spent in the Saloon listening to the Jukebox. Life is good, and I have enough Gecko and Coyote meat to live like this a good long time.

But it’s not to last…

Early one morning about 12-days latter when Joe notices a powder-ganger leaning against the wall of a closed-up house. In my previous playthroughs of the game I’d never seen this dude, so it was an honest-to goodness surprise to find a member of the powder gangers watching the town.

What's a bad boy like you doing in a nice town like this?

What's a bad boy like you doing in a nice town like this?

Now, while I have no ‘over-all’ plan I inevitably think a little ahead and until this moment I was kinda thinking that Joe would arrange for the town of Goodsprings to arm itself and defend Ringo next time the Powder Gang came knocking. After all, Joe enjoys playing caravan with Ringo and if the whole town is out in force it wouldn’t be outrageous for Joe to join them.

But now, with the time for the decision close at hand, I really have to ask what Joe would do. He’s supposed to be a trader and fix-it guy, not a fighter. He’s risk adverse. And his previous Fallout 3 shenanigans with the robots in Canterbury Commons notwithstanding, Joe should avoid open conflict.
This is a very confrontational situation and the fact that the town is apparently under constant surveillance has got to worry him…

I’m pretty sure that Joe’s not too proud of what goes down next.

I gather every last item Joe owns and drop into the general store, selling off every-single item that I don’t think Joe would find helpful on the road. It comes to just a few under 1000 caps!
I drop into the saloon to say goodbye to Sunny and Trudy, and then Joe heads off down the road. As far as Joe knows, just to the south is a town called Primm, and an unknown town is better then a known town under imminent risk of attack.

My trip south is largely uneventful, and Joe makes good time following the road. When he gets to Primm a soldier runs up and warns me away from town.

Raiders, you say?

What's going on in Primm? Raiders. Lots of Raiders.

Apparently the Powder Gang have moved in, killed the sheriff and is holding the townfolk hostage.

You seem to have a small army here. Why aren't you helping?

You seem to have a small army here.
Good thing you’re just standing around instead of helping with the deadly, deadly gang

I peer over the bridge into town and quickly decide that if Joe wouldn’t fight powder gangers in Goodsprings then Joe won’t be fighting powder gangers in Primm.

No Ed-e for me.

Quiet. TOO quiet.

I do have a Powder Gang uniform and might be able to sneak through, but I don’t want to take that risk. Instead I have re-think my destination.
My pipboy suggests that there could be a path through the eastern mountains, so Joe walks north and starts following a train track that heads up into the hills.

I'll be gone when the morning comes

I'll be gone when the morning comes

While following the tracks I spy two powder gangers and I’m able to get the drop on them. Amazing what a well placed grenade can do.

By this stage it’s getting late, so I eat and drink some of my supplies and then make use of their shelter for the night.

Any port in a storm

That looks unsettlingly precarious.

The next morning Joe just keeps on following those tracks. I pass by a group of bighorns on my way through – and I briefly consider hunting them for their meat. But I’m okay for meat right now, and they look like they might put up quite a fight. I hate it when food fights back.

Meat can be scary

Meat can be scary

Slowly slogging onwards, Joe relaxes to the smooth tunes of Mr. New Vegas on his pip-boy radio. It’s slow going, but up I eventually stumble upon the ruins of an old train station.

Train wheels beating, the wind in my eyes. Don't even know what I'll find when I get to you

Runaway Train, never coming back. Runaway on a one-way track.

It’s all a bit crappy – Joe does several laps of the site before confirming that the main building is uninhabitable since there doesn’t seem to be a way inside.

Who knew I’d be nostalgic for a rusty metal box?

Who knew I’d be nostalgic for a rusty metal box?

It’s not too long since I left my last bed, but I figure I’ll stay a night here. Joes eats and drinks a little more before relaxing to read the wasteland survival guide he found a while back. And to try and get over the guilt of leaving Goodsprings behind me.


2 Responses to “Like a bat out of hell….”

  1. You yellow bellied coward!

  2. It will be nice to see a return trip there in a few months.

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