…I’ll be gone when the morning comes.

I’m sure that Joe woke up feeling a tad disorientated this morning. The past two days have been a veritable whirlwind compared to the quiet life he was getting used to.
Now that the free everlasting waters of the Goodsprings springs are not available, water has become more important. I have six of the ‘clean’ waters and five ‘dirty’ waters. But I also have my Vault 13 canteen and Joe takes sips from it periodically.
Joe drinks one of the pure waters and eats a gecko steak before setting off again.

This would be better if I'd found an actual train...

This would be better if I'd found an actual train...

There are a handful of paths that head east or west into the mountains, but Joe’s not brave enough to check them out. And in this case, when I say ‘Joe’, I mean ‘my sense of self preservation’.
I know from previous playthroughs that the path west would lead to a small raider base and the path east comes out near Novac… but there is a blind deathclaw that lairs there. Joe’s not ready for the former and he’s DEFINITLY not ready for the latter.

Wandering down the path he encounters a small pack of coyote that are far less scary then a deathclaw. Joe eliminates them from a distance before skinning the corpses and taking the meat. In the back of their lair I find a dead ghoul who had a old laser blaster and a few rounds of ammo. I already have a laser pistol, so I pull this one apart and use its pieces to repair the one in Joe’s pack.

I keep trekking down the old tracks until the tracks come out of the mountain and I can see a town of in the distance. It looks quite sizable, at least twice the size of Goodsprings, so I imagine that Joe would be looking forward to a nice warm bed and a hot meal. Joe should get ready for disappointment.

Next stop, Nipton!

Next stop, Nipton!

But as I get closer it becomes obvious that something is horribly wrong. The town seems deserted and smoke raise up in thick plumes.

I got a baaaaaaad feeling about this.

I got a baaaaaaad feeling about this.

As I walk through the streets Joe is met by some strange men dressed in armour that is reminiscent of old Roman legion armour.
The scene is horrifying – bodies all over the show, men crucified on crosses… and it looks like these soldiers are the ones responsible. Most of them seem to be members of the powder gang or thugs… but still…

Don't crucify Me, Bro! Don't crucify Me!

Don't crucify Me, Bro! Don't crucify Me!

The leader of the men, Vulpes Inculta, says that the town was punished for being a den of thieves, gamblers and whores. And for having no morals or loyalty – the town would service NCR soldiers in the night and Powder Gangers in the day.
As a punishment, the Legion Soldiers had a lottery: The winner was spared, the runner-up was crippled, the third place winners became slaves, the “Lucky Losers” were decapitated for a quick death and the rest were crucified. The mayor was burned on a pile of tires.

The Legion say that I won’t be harmed, but I should spread word of what happened here to others in the desert. After talking to Joe they all march off and leave me alone.
I’ll be honest… I’m pretty against their town slaughtering policy, but I like the powder gang elimination policy and I’m a very strong supporter of their ‘let the newbie live’ policy.

I'm lost and I'm found. I'm hungry like the woooooooolf.

I'm lost and I'm found. I'm hungry like the woooooooolf.

After changing my pants I’m faced with a decision… What happened here is horrible. But here is a whole darn town, but the force that decimated it is gone and it’s totally empty.
I figure it couldn’t hurt to have a look around. Joe climbs the stairs to the town hall and I poke my head inside to see what they left behind.

Turns out it’s not quite as empty as I’d hoped – there are legion-trained dogs on the loose inside the building. Bloody legion – leaving their trained killer-dogs lying about.
I’m able to kill them (and take their skins/meat), but they seem to keep coming and take a toll on my health. And then I blunder into a landmine, crippling my leg. Oh, for f@#ks sake!

When the 2nd wave of dogs come I run out of ammo, have to switch to using the old laser pistol and seriously reconsider my exploration policy.

As I explore the old building I feel a sense of rage building. Outside the people on crosses were all powder gangers – and frankly I don’t feel too much sorrow for them. But inside are the bodies of ordinary citizens who have been murdered where they stood.

Inside I find grim discovery after grim discovery.

Inside I find grim discovery after grim discovery.

I’m not able to help them now, but I do search their bodies. Not because I’m a grave robber… but so… err… so their legacy may live on through me. Yeah, that’s it.

Joe goes up several floors and every time I see another body Joe’s impotent fury grows. Upon reading the logs of a computer in the up-stairs office I see the full folly of the town’s mayor. The Legion is at war with the New California Republic (NCR) and the town’s mayor had been conspiring with the Legion. The plan was to capture and hand over members of both the NCR and Members of the Powder Gangers. Of course it was all a Legion trap for the town itself.
Frankly, for what happened to the normal people living here, what happened to the mayor was too good for him.

Office of the Mayor. (He’s was a dick, but he kept a Big Book of Science on the shelf over there)

Office of the Mayor. (He’s was a dick,
but he kept a Big Book of Science on the shelf over there)

The slaughter inside has changed my mind about looting the town.
I leave the building and find an empty home to stay the night. I don’t feel great about it, but it’s getting dark. I resolve to leave in the morning.


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