Northward Bound

So Joe spent the night sleeping soundly amongst a horrible, horrible massacre. That’s got to be worse for his dreams then an all-day mega cheese buffet.

The morning makes the horrors impossible to avoid, and it’s well past time to get the hell outta here.
It’s a shame leaving so much sweet loot behind me, but there is always the chance to come back and pillage their graves later on, and the corpses of the citizens had actually made me genuinely angry at the legion. For now it would seem wrong for Joe to hang about and strip the place down so soon after the massacre.
Maybe not.
No, definitely.
So I make tracks out to the east – the theoretical path to New Vegas.

Things look like they might go pear shaped almost right away – half blocking the road ahead there is an old trailer that looks like it might contain a bunch of loot. Now in Fallout 3 you’d not think twice about dashing over and ‘prospecting’ the hell out of it. But in New Vegas they pay more attention to the fact the setting is 200-years after the bombs, and any obvious loot (especially right outside a town) would have been taken.
That leads Joe to conclude:

It's a Trap!

Internet cliché #45

Rather then blundering blindly into an ambush, Joe walks back to the opening of the ravine and then jogs up the hill to the right. Sure enough some opportunistic raiders are waiting up there to rain flaming death down on the ambush area. Not this time, raiders! Joe has the drop on them and is able to kill them both before they know what’s happening. Boom!

Then, from their spot, I can snipe the other members of the ambush before they even know that I’m there.

I’m Batman

I’m Batman

Joe! Joe is the winner!

Worst. Ambush. EVER.

Worst. Ambush. EVER.

Flush with victory I slide down the bank and head over to loot the trailer (and the bodies of my would-be hijackers). I’m so flush with success that I don’t notice that around the truck there are land mines hidden under the road cones.

F#%@! One leg was already hurt after being mauled by dogs, and now my other leg and one arm is also disabled. Awesome.

Luckily, I am prepared for this. I huff the ‘hydra’ drug I got a few days ago and lo, my limbs are healed. Not sure how. They just… grow back or something… I guess. Maybe a wizard did it?

Happily re-limbed Joe resumes his solitary march to the north-east. It’s pretty slow going up the ravine, but eventually I notice a bit of a look-out up on east-most hill. I climb over the slope to investigate and find the remains of an old ranch.

Little house on the prairie?

Little house on the prairie?

It seems long abandoned by its previous owner, but that just makes it an ideal place to rest tonight.
The cattle are long gone, but there is a sizable garden here. It’s more then a little overgrown, but after some amount of fluffing I’m able to gather quite the haul of vegetables.

Hope whoever lived here won’t mind…

Old McDonald abandoned his farm, E I E I O!

Old McDonald abandoned his farm, E I E I O!

In the hut there is a special blade named ‘chopper’. Joe’s not much for the hand-to-hand, or that would have been a neat find. More his speed – he also finds a book that will teach him further lock-picking techniques. Huzzah!!
If it comes to a choice between hacking and reading, Joe will take a good book any day.

A vacuum! A vacuum!  My Kingdom for a vacuum!  Photo from the Fallout Wiki

A vacuum! A vacuum! My Kingdom for a vacuum!

The next morning Joe gathers his belongings (and as much of the crap lying around the shack that he can carry cram in his troublingly large pockets) and sets off again.


One Response to “Northward Bound”

  1. Jonathan Powell Says:

    This is making for a very interesting read!

    Can’t wait to see what Joe gets up to next

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