H&K Tools

Next morning I wave goodbye to Veronica and head out into the wastes once more.
I’m surprised she’s happy to just stay in Vegas and mind the store, but I’m sure glad that there is someone around I can trust… and it helps she’s a disturbingly light eater.

I’m off again before dawn and after the requisite barrage of empty buildings I find a likely candidate for a good, hard looting. It’s an old… something. Factory of some kind I think.
The place is called H&K Tools or something, but it is comprised mostly of offices.



I need a handy wipe

Geez.... anyone got a handy wipe

I stumble in there quite accidentally and although the place is a mess Joe is quietly thrilled at finally having found some place to prospect. Not scavenge or grave rob, but honest-to-goodness prospecting from the remains of the old world.
The roof looks like it might cave in with very little provocation and there is a worryingly large amount of unhealthy looking steam around the place – but at last there some place worthy of ransacking.

The foyer is full of books and cutlery, along with other assorted crap and I’m soon hard at work cramming my pockets full of anything not nailed down. I wonder why this location has escaped the greedy hands of the wasteland?

"They could have programmed me to love, to forgive; but noooooo."

"They could have programmed me to love, to forgive; but noooooo."

Oh, THAT’S why.
Behind the receptionist’s desk a large door opens out into an area flooded with irradiated water, and sloshing about in there is an old Robobrain plonking about. I’d been too busy pillaging to notice it, but the laser bust that scatters throughout the entrance is a real attention grabber.
Robobrains are something Joe has seen back in the Capital Wasteland, but this is the first such creature he’s seen here. Is creature the right word? I mean, the thing has a brain… a brain thoughtfully exposed in a glass jar making it a cinch to shoot… but it’s clearly more automated then alive. Anyhow, I digress.

The exposed brain is an obvious target, but the robot/creature/thing has a pair of lasers that make hitting that exposed target a tad more challenging. This one must have been a bit rusty because it collapsed after only a few rounds.
I have just a few moments to reveal in self-congratulatory sense of superiority before another flurry of laser blasts sends me dashing back to cover.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Once again Joe proves tougher then a stupid brain-in-jar, although the second one is able to chew away a wad of my health. With the pesky guards gone I’m able to plunder the reception area and most of the kitchen in peace!
The kitchen has a bunch more pre-war food that I would never eat myself – ever since I left the Capital Wasteland I’ve dined pretty exclusively on much fresher food. But I’m sure I can sell this crap to the starving folk in freeside.
Am I a bad person? It’s so hard to tell.

Veronica is thrilled with my haul. Or, at least I assume she’s thrilled. In pure game terms she just stands there like a giant talking storage-crate. But she still sounds happy and this is my story, so I choose to believe that she’s thrilled.

I head back to my new claim early in the morning only to be blindsided by a Crazed Mister Handy. Seriously?!? I’m sure he wasn’t here yesterday! You’ll notice that there are no photos of this encounter… because I was scrambling for my life as the sodding robot bathed the room with its flamethrower.
Remember yesterday when I concluded that the Robobrains had kept the wastelanders away before my arrival? Screw those pansy pushovers, this sonofabitch is the reason this place isn’t picked clean already.
The encounter leaves me burned and on half health.

Once the damned thing collapses I resume my looting of the kitchen and its antique meals. Hardly worth the effort, really – but then I haven’t explored the rest of the building.
Down the hallway a little is a room with its door hanging open – I assume that’s where that Mister Handy was hiding the day before. What awesome loot was it hiding? Two safes…
But both of them are hanging open and picked clean.
I guess that someone else WAS here before me – they just didn’t waste their time with books, ancient food and dirty cups.

Consarn it!

SON OF A ...

It takes the next few days to pick this place totally clean. Mostly because, despite the defeat of the robot sentries, the whole place is still packed with traps. Rigged shotguns, turrets and mines are all deactivated or disarmed over the course of my subsequent visits. I guess that it was more then robots keeping scavengers away.
Other then an apparently useless key-card, there isn’t anything special recovered from the ruin, but I sure have a whole bunch of pencils and paperweights now!

I fear no trap!

I fear no trap!

I have to say, that stall is looking a lot better stocked with the new loot! Anything that doesn’t fit on display I sell off to the pawn shop or to the traders at the Crimson Caravan. The caps are finally coming in…
Just have to stay way from that casino…

Behold how we thrive!

Behold how we thrive!


2 Responses to “H&K Tools”

  1. H&H, not H&K! It was owned by House and his Half-brother, the company’s name is House&House.

    Also I’m sad Joe didn’t read the terminals. He had good raisins to be distracted though.

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