Joe: Booze Baron

Once again, I’m not sure that Veronica needs to know where I’m finding this stuff. Wouldn’t want her to worry about the moral ramifications of grave robbing. On one hand she is a veteran of the wastes, on the other hand she was raised by an isolated, underground organisation that is essentially a bunch of cloistered fanatics. In many ways we have a similar history – but the good folk of Vault 101 weren’t quite so… intense.

Yeah. Nah. Found this too. Just laying there....

Yeah. Nah. I found this too. Just laying there....

Hobbling back to town from the sewers is easy enough, but my radiated condition means that tomorrow I’m going to have to spend more time with the Followers of the Apocalypse.
While Freeside might be a bit crap compared to Novac, the access to medical facilities is top notch. If only the Follower’s services were free to me like they are to the drunks and gamblers that live in the tents there. Maybe I could fake a gambling addiction?
Actually, considering my first exposure to gambling wiped out a small fortune in caps, I wouldn’t even have to fake it very hard. And I can’t say that the nightly drinking at the same location that hosts the games doesn’t present some inherent temptations.
Still, I would rather have to pay for help then end up like the poor buggers that have to live in the Follower’s rehab tents… plus I’d miss the drinking.

The next morning the doctors are able to sort me out with some radaway that will cure what ails me.
While flushing the radiation from my blood system (painful, but convenient), the head doctor, Juile, asks if I have any medical supplies I’d like to donate to them. Well, no, frankly. If I had medical supplies, do you think I’d be paying you to help me?
But this is a request I often get when I visit the Followers, and I can’t help but figure that if she’s asking about it so often there is probably some chance for profit here.
As it so happens, Julie is willing to pay me if I can find a supplier for medical grade alcohol. I guess it’s for anesthetic or for sterilising wounds or an ingredient for one of their meds or something… I mean, unless they’ve found a revolutionary method of treating alcoholism with lots of really pure alcohol… in which case I want in.
Anyway, it’s an interesting prospect, because I like alcohol and I like getting paid. This offer gives me the chance to leverage two great passions!

I just love to help people.

I just love to help people.

The next day I head over to the local pawn shop and drop in to see if Mick and Ralph are able to help the Followers out. Alas they have a little booze about, but they don’t have the stocks to supply the Followers long term. Drat.
Still, it’s not my only option; I make my way over to the Crimson Caravan Company. Maybe they can deliver the volume I need.

Looks like a fortress. Kings have drinks, right?

One does not simply walk into the Crimson Caravan Compound

Their compound still seems impressive, and it’s nice to see a company that is self-sufficient and looking after it’s workers – running their own herds of mutant cattle and their own farms means they’ll have plenty of food for their caravans.
But not only do they not have the alcohol I need, but they aren’t even willing to talk about it. Not even when I give up talking to the trade post manager and barge my way into head-office.

No booze, eh?

I'm the weakest link?

Disheartened, I concede that it might be a lost cause and head over to the Atomic Wrangler to drown my sorrows.

Alcohol… where can I find some alcohol?

Booze. Where is there a lot of alcohol?

I need some place that has cheap booze…

I'll think about it once I've finished this drink....

I'll think about it once I've finished this drink.

But wait! Look where I am! Perchance the local barkeep might be able to help out?

I have a word with James Garret, a co-owner of the Wrangler along with his sister. And Lo and behold, it turns out that this particular request is something that they can help with… so long as the Followers ‘pay’ by using their knowledge and book learnin’ to help the Wrangler expand and maintain their still.
James explains the Followers should help him because the Wrangler doesn’t want the people of Freeside addicted, because that would just make the area more dangerous to run his business. He just wants the gamblers drunk enough that they throw away all their money.
Which I guess is kinda noble. Sort of.

That seems like a fair deal to me (the ‘maintain the still’ bit, not the ‘get the gambler’s tipsy bit so they throw away their life’s earnings’ bit). Although I’m not sure that the Followers will be thrilled with the idea of more helping produce more booze for the Garret’s bar.
Nevertheless, if they want their medical alcohol, this looks like the only option.

I head back to Julie who is less predictably then enthusiastic. For one terrible moment I think she’s going to turn me down, but I remind her that she could sell the excess medicine they make, expand and help even more people. This seems to win her over and we have an agreement! Hazzah!

As I said, I just love caps... err... I mean people.

As I said, I just love caps... err... I mean people.

As payment I’m given a handful of Med-X drugs.
Not bad… Light, valuable, life saving… and at no point did any horrible mutated creature try to naw a limb off. I mean, sure a random thug tried to mug me at one stage there, but I shot him and dumped his body in the dumpster with the rest – and if I trade them, the worth of the drugs is about on par with the reward I would get combing through a ruin for old mugs.

Okay – the idea of taking on more odd-jobs is intriguing… And profitable… and less likely to result in screaming and crying (well… my screaming and crying, at any rate).
Perhaps I should look more closely into the other opportunities that might be found in Freeside.


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  1. Yay! We might see our best buddy Fisto!


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