Joe: Debt Management Consultant

After yesterday’s flawless victory I’ve decided that further investigation of work-for-hire is in order. Not only does it make a vicious mauling less likely, it also means I can act as more of a trader and spend less time hauling my sorry tuckus around the waste.

I drop into the Atomic Wrangler for a quick liquid breakfast, and while I’m there I re-think the job offer the proprietors offered me when I first visited. They had a few folk who were down on their luck and lost a lot of money gambling. While I sure know how that feels, the Garrets who run the Atomic Wrangler want their money and are willing to offer me a cut if I go and retrieve it for them. That means I want them to get their money too.

Mmmmm... beer is liquid bread. It's good for you.

Beer is liquid bread. It's good for you.

Should I be worried about potentially being shot at by people reluctant to hand over their last few caps? Maaaybe… but I’ve since I’ve arrived random homeless folk have been rushing me every day or two, and I’ve been dispatching them with ease (and dumping their bodies in the trash-bin), and these people I’m chasing are unlikely to be much more trouble. And the Kings keep an eye over the area, so if things go totally to crap I can stage a ‘tactical retreat’ to one of their patrols.

It’s decided! I will rough up poor people to claim their gambling debts!
Hmmm. That didn’t feel as good as I thought it would.

I find my first mark up near the game into the Vegas Strip. I guess that I’m not the only one who ran afoul of the Strip’s credit check.
“Lady” Jane tries to avoid paying her debts, claiming she has no money because her caravan was wreaked in some cave out in the wastes. Jane suggests I go get it… BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HA! No way in hell.
I’m doing this gig to get away from the desert, so there is zero chance of that happening.

Instead I turn on the charm. Turns out I’m quite the Lady killer, because ol’ Joe able to charm Ms Jane into paying her debts out of whatever moneys she had left. I guess this rocken’ moustache is really working for me!
(Note: I choose to believe that it was the flirting that won her over, rather than pity).
One down, two to go.

Oh, Lady Jane... don't act all grey and play the martyr

Oh, Lady Jane... don't act all grey and play the martyr

Should I feel guilty about this? I mean, “Lady” Jane didn’t have a lot of money left. It worries me for a moment, and then I remember… Karma! Clearly, she’s done something to deserve it.
Possibly the same something that ran up the debt at the Wrangler.

I find my next target over near Mick and Ralph’s pawn shop. Santiago is a smooth-talking con artist, and he owes the Garrets 212 caps and has no intention of paying them back.
After a brief ugly conversation his fake accent falls away and I’m able to reclaim the money he owes.
I mean, sure, he’s probably not got any money left for food and such. But he shouldn’t have run up a massive tab if he didn’t have the money.

One more…
Grecks is a ghoul, and like the other folk I’ve been sent to see he’s hesitant to pay his debts. Joe’s not messing about any more.

Can't pay your debts cause you have no money?

Can't pay your debts cause you have no money?

He pays up. And some extra. I was very persuasive.

So... what about now?

So... what about now?

I bring the whole lot of caps back to the Garrets. For a very brief moment I consider taking all the Garret’s money and bolting – but they sent me after those people, and I don’t want to see who they send after me. The Garret’s don’t seem like the forgiving sort.

Joe gets paid his cut of 300 caps and a discount at the bar. And I’m offered another contract.
I was right when I thought they wouldn’t be forgiving, because the new target is the last dept collector they hired, who DID run off with all the money… and they want me to kill him. Goodness knows what they’d do to the dept collector who took the money and ran from the dept collector who took the money and ran.
Not sure if I should pursue this, although the new mark is inside the Strip, so I’m off the hook for now. That’s a problem for future Joe to sort out!.
Not shabby for a day’s work. Especially as I got to avoid danger… and all I have to do is rough up the oppressed and down-trodden! Yay?


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