Caps to the wind

At last, the Vegas experience Ol’ Joe has looking for since he set out from Novac! Where to visit first?

The Tower of the Lucky 38... the one casino I plan to avoid

The Tower of the Lucky 38... the one casino I plan to avoid

I actually know quite a bit about my options… While desecrating salvaging the town of Nipton, Joe listened to a lot of radio and heard the ads for the various attractions about The Strip. I had heard about Vault 21 Hotel prior to today – but had assumed that it was a recreation rather than an actual Vault. Imagine – a Vault like the one in which I’d spent the bulk of my life, something designed to save mankind, now just a tourist attraction.

After stashing the bulk of our gear in a rented room at the Vault 21 hotel we head out into the night. I also make sure I’m packing enough scotch to see me through the evening in a drunken haze.
I wanted to visit the Tops, but the night is young, and I think that Veronica is more of an Ultra Luxe kind of girl.

Earlier in the day we took our picture by the fountain… But tonight these fine NCR Troopers are enjoying it. I consider this to be a good sign.

Fountains are for throwing coins into, not dancing in!

The fountain is for wishing, not for dancing!
Please remove your bra from the bottom of the fountain. The fountain is a restricted area.

Wow… the Ultra Luxe is a classy joint – dirty ol’ Joe feels somewhat out of place in his raggedy old trader clothes. Makes the Atomic Wrangler look like an old wreck… which, I suppose, is technically what it is.
Inappropriate attire notwithstanding, I play a few rounds of Black Jack while Veronica takes a look about.

Classy... yet oddly sinister.

Classy... yet oddly creepifying.

I actually win a few caps, but I decide to quit while I’m ahead and go with Veronica to check out the dining facilities.

As expected, the dining room is equally swanky, but there is something just a little off. Something about the masks the White Glove Society wear is kinda freaken me out.

Delicious - yet STILL oddly sinister

Delicious - yet still oddly sinister

We order some food and sit down long enough to eat it, but I’m not keen to hang about. Instead I suggest that we visit Gomorrah.

Gomorrah. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something about Gomorrah that I find inherently appealing.
I can’t quite put my finger on that that may be.

That's one good looking holster

That's one good looking holster

Yep, no idea at all.

On our way from the Ultra Luxe to Gomorrah we bump into a familiar face. Caleb, the debt collector that the Garrets had asked me to take care of. I try to come to an arrangement with him, but things head south quickly… it looks like there might be a fight right here in streets of The Strip.

We've been looking for you, son

We've been looking for you, son

For a moment I worry that the Securitrons might be drawn over here if there’s trouble… and with Mr. House already expressing an interest in me, that’s something I don’t want. Things don’t quite pan out the way that I was expecting.
Caleb seems to go for his gun, but the moment he does, Veronica punches right through his head with her power fist.
Hooooooooooly, cow. Remind me NEVER to piss her off!
I hide his body in a nearby bush and grab all his gear… no point letting them go to waste, right? And then we calmly and nonchalantly continue on our way to the Gomorrah.



The Gomorrah is not classy at all. In fact, it’s downright seedy. And strangely empty. Other than a handful of patrons, the staff and the ‘dancers’, the place seems largely deserted.
I soon find out why. It seems that most of the customers are in the private ‘rest’ areas.

Image from

I'll be in my bunk.
Image from

I’m very interested in visiting the private areas… err… for research purposes. But, as it turns out, while Veronica wants to meet the people of Vegas and see how they are surviving, she doesn’t want to meet these people of Vegas. And if I’ve learned anything tonight it’s that I shouldn’t piss off Veronica. And I’m not brave enough to suggest she wait back at the motel.
Oh, well. I can always visit some other time…. For research purposes.

Time to visit the Tops!

And now the moment we've all been waiting  for.

And now the moment we've all been waiting for.

This swinging joint is more my speed. Not as stuck up as the Ultra Luxe and not as seedy as Gomorrah. Looks like this place has live performances – but we are too late for that tonight. Oh, well – I guess that leaves drinking and gambling! I take a swig of scotch and then hit the floor!

Hand over my weapons? Sure - can't see how that could possibly come back to haunt me.

Hand over my weapons while I'm in the casino?
Sure - can't see how that could possibly come back to haunt me.

Nice Suit... but it's making me vaguely uncomfortable. Like something I should remember.

Nice Suit... but it's making me vaguely uncomfortable.
Like something I should remember.

Time to get my gamble on

Time to get my gamble on!

After a go at both the slots and Black Jack I’m breaking pretty even. The Tops seems a bit busier than the other casinos, and there seems to be a bit of a crowd down the end of the hall.
Perhaps it’s someone famous gathering said crowd. I could go and check it out… but then again, I haven’t tried my hand at roulette yet.

The Tops

You'll dig us, baby. We're the tops!

My strategy of wild bets across the roulette table seems to have paid off. I’m actually up about 400 chips! Nothing could be better – I’m king of the world! Perhaps I should check out that crowd now? Awww, heck, let’s try a little more blackjack.

Come on, baby. Papa needs a new hat!

Yeah - Come on, baby. Papa needs a new hat!

I should not have tried a little more blackjack. I should also stop drinking copious amounts of scotch before going gambling.

Well – that crowd is still there… lets see what the ruckus is about. I wonder who could be getting that kind of attention? I bet it’s someon…. Oh, bugger.

Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I know that face. It’s the face of the man who shot me in MY face!
Goram it! Why is there no, “Never mind, pretend you didn’t see me, I’ll just be leaving now” option?


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