Justice in a pre-war hat

Where was I?
Oh, right. Face to face with the guy who tied me up and shot me in the head. Shot me in the head twice.

Flee. FLEE!

Flee. FLEE!

Okay, Joe – pull yourself together. You can do this.

Actually, it’s not as bad as it seems. It seems this Benny guy, despite being the head of a Vegas Family and surrounded by body-guards, is equally aghast to see me as I am to see him. Fair enough, I guess. If I shot someone twice in the face and they can back to see me I might be a bit upset too. I push aside a sudden panic that Dixon might come looking for me and try to focus on the situation at hand.

If anything, Benny is conciliatory… Or, at least, he seems conciliatory. There is a good chance he’s putting me at ease in order to escape my wrath. Well, little does he know, my wrath is nothing next to my cowardice!
I’m offered some caps and a complimentary suite at the Tops if I agree to put this mess behind us. I’m mindful of a trap (I mean the guy HAS shot me in the face twice already), but I ask Benny if he’d like to talk about this without his muscle standing about. He agrees to head up to the high-roller suite with me so we can talk things over.

Well, ring-a-ding-ding

Well, ring-a-ding-ding

Once we are upstairs Benny seems quite talkative. And after he’s been so generous I tell him that he’s forgiven.
Of course, he’s not forgiven. Being shot is something that it’s easy to hold a grudge about… but the security took all our weapons off Veronica and me when we came into the Tops. Or so they thought. Turns out I was able to hide one small, silenced pistol in a boot and the greeter totally missed it.
So the minute Benny’s back is turned I pull it out and open fire.

Remember that? Wacky fun times

Remember that? Wacky fun times.
Hwoon dahn

Got my eye on you...

Yeah. No. You can totally trust me... really.

ain't that a kick in the head

Ain't that a kick in the head

Okay, so I didn’t actually think this through. I just murdered the head of the Chairmen. In a massive complex owned by the Chairmen. Filled with Chairmen bodyguards.
Bright-side – the pistol was silenced, and the penthouse is probably not a place the security is likely to check often.

“Don’t worry, Veronica. Ol’ Joe will come up with a plan.”
“Well, that’s good.”
“Possible you’re not recalling some of my previous plans.”

All I need to do is stash the body.

Most accidents occur in the home

Most accidents occur in the home

Yeah… Perfect.
Maybe they’ll think he slipped in the bath. Slipped in the bath and hit his head. Hit his head so hard that the plug shot out the back of his head through a hole that looks suspiciously like it could have been made by four 9mm slugs.
It could happen.

Okay… so it’s not a flawless cover-up. But it’s all I can come up with on short notice. I blame the scotch.
Now, I need to get out of here without disturbing anything els… Wait now, what’s that over there?


Just a little look

Just a little look

By the time I’m done I have all of Benny’s items (including his sweet suit and his gun), as well as several magazines, the contents of a safe and copious bottles of booze. Like… LOTS of booze. This place was pretty well ready for a mega-party, and now I’M ready for a mega-party.
Maybe, it’ll help the cover-up? Maybe they’ll think Benny was drunk when he slipped? I drink a few whines and leave the empty bottles on the floor by the tub.
Sshoudl do hte tricks. *hick* On hte plus sidem I’m akso feeeling a lot bettter about dis hole sichuation.

Alrighty… now to head out. Just don’t look the guards in the eye. Try to act natural.

Hey... guys.... hows about that weather?

Hey... guys.... hows about that weather?

Not sure how long I was in there, but it’s now dawn as we leave the building. Bwhahahahahahaha! I’m Scott free! I got away Scott free! And I… eerr… wait. Who’s this guy?

I'm going to have to say no to you and your very fine hat.

I'm going to have to say no to you and your very fine hat.

Ummm… Apparently he is impressed that I’ve recovered a platinum chip from Benny and he represents Caesar himself (Gaaaagh) and Caesar wants to see me (double Gaaaagh). Chip? What chip? Sure enough, in amongst Benny’s belongings is a platinum chip. How did this guy know I had it? I quickly agree the legion is great and I’ll see Caesar soon (which is a bona fide lie) to make him leave.
I’m ready to make tracks when another stranger runs up to me. This chap is apparently a representative of the Ambassador from the NCR, who also wants a word with me.

What. The. Hell?!
Mr. House, ruler of New Vegas, wants to speak to me. I’ve murdered the head of one of the Vegas families. The Ambassador from the NCR wants to speak to me. And Caesar, ruler of the entire Legion wants to speak with me. This must be what going mad feels like.

Well… I think my choice is clear… time to change my name, move to a new neighbourhood and pretend I’ve never even seen the Vegas Strip before. Apparently everyone knows I have the chip, therefore they all know I killed Benny.

I try to hurry – First we clean out our stuff from Vault 21. Sure it’s the one place Joe wants to stay, but he can’t be safe here. Once I’ve grabbed everything from the draws we calmly depart the strip.

On the way through Freeside I make a few stops. First stop is the Atomic Wrangler. I turn over the hat of the last debtor they’d wanted me to hunt down. I’ll need the caps for my thrilling escape.
An unexpected surprise, as thanks for my hard work they offer be a key to a private room. Nice – a real, free place to live, on the very night I’m fleeing town forever. DAMN YOU, KARMA!

Next stop, Mick and Ralph’s – I buy up on food and water.
Last stop, on the way out I stop by the Crimson Caravan compound and buy up their food and water too.

And then it’s off into the wastes.
As we flee the walls of New Vegas there is one last thing that I need to take care of. Veronica.
She did witness the murder and she has been a faithful companion up to now…
It might be wise to keep her around so I can keep an eye on her, but I’m being hunted by half the Mojave and I don’t want her to be in danger. Once we are away from the city and night is fallen I discuss our situation.
I’m thankful for the time she hung about watching over our stall, so I make sure she is well supplied with meds and ammo before I tell her we’ll have to part ways. Her mission is to explore the desert and learn more about how people survive… but she’ll have to carry on that mission without me.

It's not you, it's me.

Its not you, it's me.

Farewell Veronica – I’ll always remember the way you punched off people’s heads.
And hello, Mojave – looks like we’ll be spending some more time together.


6 Responses to “Justice in a pre-war hat”

  1. nice shot. so you must have quite a haul of goodies by now. hope you are not too under leveled for your great escape.

  2. great job…..

    you are very talented writer and do a great job of capturing the feel of what it would be like to live in new vegas…….

    i know you dont get alot of comments, but know alot of people are reading and being entertained by your story……..

  3. Um…No offense, but I can’t help but notice how very early you are still into FNV.

  4. And lol, “I’m going to have to say no to you and your very fine hat” Make more posts dude, it’s funny.

  5. I really expected Joe to just walk away… Joe doesn’t let grudges go, does he?

    • I thought Joe would just walk away too – But then again, I also didn’t think he’d pass the speech check that would get Benny alone. In fact, he shouldn’t have… but Joe got addicted to scotch, and I figure that’s a kinda fun game function to play with. Since I suffer penalties for being sober, I’m having Joe chug back booze whenever possible… and while that means an intelligence penalty, it also means a strength and charisma boost – and that charisma boost allowed Joe to get Benny alone.
      Once we were alone I still thought that Joe might let him walk… right up until Benny talked like a jackass and then turned to walk out.
      Joe is pretty craven… but Benny shot Joe in the face and buried him alive.

      The story often goes where I’m not expecting. Just like I thought Joe might organise other people to defend Goodsprings (then hide behind them as they fought off the Powder Gang), I thought that Benny’s buy-off might entice him. But when push came to shove I thought that it was more Joe-ish to have him flee goodsprings, and I figure that anyone would have a hard time ‘really’ forgiving Benny. If the opportunity to cold-blood murder Benny hadn’t come up, I’m sure Joe would have slinked off – but it did, so Joe did what was natural.

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