Return to Sender

Westside is safe. Westside has no one who wants anything from me. Westside has plenty of water. Westside has lots of food for sale. Westside is really boring.
I’ve been here for about a fortnight, and I’m getting twitchy. No one here wants anything, so there is no work for me. The Westside co-op takes care of the local’s food and the militia take care of protection. There is nothing for me to DO here.

The height of adventure in Westside

The height of adventure in Westside

I’m not becoming a crazy alcoholic shut-in like I did in Novac. Now, granted, I’m now an ACTUAL alcoholic and about the reason that I’m not shut in is that I don’t trust the indoor living arrangements… but this is still better. Kinda.
I mean, it’s been nice with all the interesting people, including MeanSonofaBitch. Turns out that he has quite the interesting past. It seems the owner of the liquor store knows him quite well, and he shares the story during one of Joe’s frequent visits.

Now I know all about Meansonofabitch, WTF is up with your face?

Okay, thanks! So, now I know all about Meansonofabitch, can I ask, WTF is up with your face?

After two weeks it’s time to get out and explore a little. I’m sure any search party looking for Benny’s killer must have given up by now, right? I pull on my leather armour and ready my weapons – lets go exploring!
Outside the gates of Westside I can view ruins to the south and east, and desert to the north and west. The ruins are fiend territory… or perilously close to North Square, Freeside and The Vegas Strip. Meanwhile the desert looks… well… desert-y. And last time I went out that way I was nearly ended by a monster wasp.
Choices, choices!
Finally I decide on the desert. Through the scope of my trust varmint rifle, the same one I used in Goodsprings, I’m able to spot something high up in the eastern mountains. That seems as good a destination as any, so with the sun just coming up I start off into the wild.

I spy, with my little scope.

I spy, with my little scope.

I haven’t had much use for my old rifle in the city or the ruins. It’s single shot and takes forever to load, but now I’m in the open wastes it’s once again my weapon of choice. Every so often I take a break and peer ahead through the scope to make sure the way ahead is clear, Don’t want to risk any more wasps or wildlife if I can help it.
I avoid the road and just head straight towards my destination, cutting through the wastes with a single-minded determination. I pause occasionally to gather the odd desert flower or eatable cactus, but I make pretty good time with few interruptions.

Free and easy down the road I go

Free and easy down the road I go

Once I get there, it turns out it’s a small hut with the symbol of the followers on the side. And totally inaccessible. Bugger.
Looks like my only reward for coming all this way is a fantastic view.

Little doctor, little Doctor. Let me come in.

Little doctor, little Doctor. Let me come in.

I can see my house from here

I can see my house from here

I descend the mountain side and start the trek home. This time I follow the road, taking a slightly different path through the desert. Much like before I stop to gather fruit and peer ahead through my rifle scope.
Following the road takes me nearby some ruined farm houses, but any exploration is discouraged when I spot a giant wasp dashing about the nearby field. Seems like my over-abundance of caution has paid off.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with, "Ohsweetvaultteckeepthatthingawayfromme"!

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with,

It’s not all bad news for Joe. Someway down the road is a ruined caravan. Ash piles and dead pack animals are grim evidence of an attack on the highway. It’s eerily reminiscent of the hijacked caravan I found west of freeside a few months ago. Just like last time the ‘loot’ was left behind. Why exterminate a caravan if you’re not going loot it?
I’d say a eulogy over the bodies, but there are no bodies this time – just ash piles. Perhaps something simple like:
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
I’m sorry you’re dead and had to combust.

You wanna explain to me exactly how you got yourself all corpsified

I ain't sayin' there's any peace to be had, but on the off chance there is, those folks deserve a little of it.

Well, I’d hate for these resources to fall into the hands of raiders. I better take them with me…
It’s what they would have wanted.

The rest of the trip home is uneventful.
So I didn’t to do any prospecting. At least I didn’t come home empty handed. And karmically, today was far better then many of my previous adventures. So I win, sort of.

Home, sweet, fortified township

Home, sweet, fortified township

Change of update schedule
It’s that time of year again. Time is getting short, Christmas is getting close, and every damn developer simultaneously releases their biggest games all at the one time. With Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Rage, Assassins Creed, Saints Row 3 and (obviously) Skyrim coming out, I’m not going to have as much time for Joe.
I know what you’re thinking… last time I took a break I never got started again. And ‘Livin’ in Oblivion’ suffered a similar fate.
Well, fear not, gentle readers. Rather than put Joe on hold for a month or two, I’ve decided to scale back the updates to one per-week. Starting next week, Failing Fallout will be updated on Wednesdays (New Zealand time).
Thanks for reading, and the ‘normal’ updates will resume in the new year… unless Joe dies before then.
– Tel


4 Responses to “Return to Sender”

  1. maccesfield Says:

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
    I’m sorry you’re dead and had to combust.

    bahahahahahahahaha, nice.

  2. GREAT WRITING. You should edit magazines!

  3. Maybe you can tell the story of Joe’s ancestor from Skyrim 🙂

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