Safehouse and Sound

There is nothing from silence from behind the door now, but I stand gun-at-the-ready for a few minutes just to make sure nothing is going to try and break through. Once I’m sure that I’m alone I quickly take stock of my situation, start to look for a way out of this hell hole.
On my way down here I wasn’t paying too much attention, but now I’m taking things a little slow and trying to be a bit more aware of my surroundings. A fiend ambush while I’m in a weakened condition would be a bad thing.
Despite my intention to return the way I came, I seem be getting even more disorientated within the labyrinthine tunnels. One tunnel leads to a dead end, and I’m about to turn back when I notice a dead body slumped on the other side of a rubbish mound.
Turns out that this corpse has another key marked ‘Luke’s find’. If I had to guess, I’d think that this might be Luke. I wonder if he ended up in this situation the same way Joe did… collapsing here after being mauled by a reaver? He even looks a little like I do. Well, I’m not going out like that.

NOT so lucky Luke

Bang bang, NOT so lucky Luke

I relieve ‘Luke’ of his belongings – I need them more than he does. I’m sure it’s what he would have wanted.
Well… I’m sure that what he would have wanted was to NOT have been mauled by a near-indestructible ghoul. But I bet giving me all his stuff was a close second.

After some prolonged wondering I finally find a ladder that looks like it won’t deposit me into raider territory. In fact, this one will deliver me directly to the gates of Freeside.
On one hand, I don’t know if there are people looking for me after murdering Benny. To be fair, Benny murdered me first back outside of Goodsprings, but that would be pretty hard to prove.
On the other hand, the Followers are in Freeside, and they are very good at keeping blood on the inside.
I think it’s worth the risk.

Any port in a storm

Any port in a storm



It’s night-time when I get to the surface, so I’m able to sneak around into the Follower’s Fort under cover of darkness. It takes me a moment to find the head doctor Julie, but when I do she fixes me up lickedy split.

But, once she’s done patching me up, she has a surprising offer for me. Apparently my prior help has put me in their good graces, because Julie asks me to join The Followers of the Apocalypse.

A tad odd – I mean I did help them, but that was purely for-profit. I did donate a few drugs to them, but nothing I would have used myself and I’ve TAKEN more free meds than I donated.

I'm guessing the medical is pretty good

I'm guessing the medical is pretty good

Two obvious questions:
What would it cost me?
What do I get out of it?

Apparently, as a member it would be my responsibility to help spread knowledge and help others. I guess I can do that… for a nominal fee. If anyone needs a demonstration of how to flee danger I would be happy to help.

I just like to say, I can't wait to get a coat join your group

I'd just like to say, I can't wait to get a coat join your group

And what do I get? As an official member I get would get a swell lab coat, complete with attached equipment to help with medical work, and a set of keys.

Keys. Really? I’ve had bad experiences with keys lately.
But these keys are different. Apparently they open the door to the Follower’s safe house – that building I visited in the mountains a few days ago. Safe house, you say? Why, that sounds like the perfect place to stay while all the craziness blows over!
Okay, I guess I’m in!

Does this mean I’m Doctor Joe now? Just like dear old dad?

I figure I better leave before sunrise, and make tracks around to North Square. Right next to Freeside, I know the manhole in North Square takes me to a safe part of the sewer. Sure enough, Joe descends the ladder and finds himself in amongst a group of sleeping civilians.
I make my way back to Westside, which only takes a few minutes and arrive just as day breaks. Perfect!
I sell my excess gear at the pawn shop, buy a little more scotch from the liquor store and then leave Westside, heading out up into the mountains to the West.

Much like my original trip, the walking was pretty uneventful. But this time, when I reach the building high in the mountains, I’m able to get into that door.
This place is AWESOME!

Home, sweet safe-house

Home, sweet safe-house

There are beds, a water fountain providing fresh water, almost unlimited food supply, all manner of equipment, completely safe and so far out in the wilderness that I’m bound to be safe from anyone looking for me!

The supplies include a radiation suit, combat armour, guns, ammo and a bunch of medical supplies – and I immediately grab them all….

Mine! All mine!

Mine! All mine!

And then I am immediately hit by a wave of guilt. Taking all the shared supplies from the safe house? Worst. Follower. EVER!
Somewhat reluctantly I stash all the items in the footlockers at the end of the beds. I’m staying here for the next wee while, so they’re here if I need them… no need to horde it all in my pockets the whole time.

Time for some well-earned sleep.


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