Taking the Tour

It’s been a few days since I first arrived in Jacobstown, and I’m slowly getting used to the neighbours. It’s actually strangely relaxing out here. It’s safe, quiet and there is plenty of water (even if it’s a touch radiated).

I think it’s about time I worked up the courage to visit the lodge. Up to now my contact with the mutants has been on my terms and it’s mostly been limited to quick greetings. I generally see them when I take one of Joe’s daily walks around the lake, I say hello and go on my way. None of the mutants seem particularly interested in talking with me (other than Marcus and Lily, who’s still convinced I’m her grandchild), but nor do they seem to mind me meandering about the place.
But I still haven’t been inside the main lodge that most of the mutants call home. The time has come to put on my man-pants and make a little bit more of an effort the get to know the locals.

The first thing I notice is that inside the lodge there are a lot of blue skinned mutants. They are the ‘broken-minded’ that Marcus set up Jacobstown to help (they have used stealthboys so much it’s broken their minds – they dislike being visible and HATE people looking at them). The only ‘nightkin’ mutants I’ve meet up to this point have been the one I killed in Novac and grandmother Lily, and they were both clearly insane (albeit in very different ways).
I take care not to stare at any of the blue mutants, but one in particular seems to be staring at me – I figure I should say hello.

Not too Keene to see me! God, I'm good.

Not too Keene to see me, eh? God, I'm good.

Big guy’s name is Keene… and he is not anywhere happy to see me as Marcus or Lily were. He goes so far as to declare that he hates humans because they look at him. Noted, big guy. Had I met Keene somewhere else I might be worried, but Marcus keeps this place under control and while Keene’s not too personable, he isn’t aggressive towards me. Have to resist the urge to deliberately stare just to see what would happen.
It is enough of a worry that I’ll remember to keep well away from the blue mutants in the future.

I head up the stairs and take a poke around. For the most part there are just a bunch of individual bedrooms, obviously used by the various mutants that live within. Not many are occupied at the moment (most of the mutants are outside), but those that are inhabited tend to be occupied by the green-skinned super mutants that don’t mind me visiting (even though they rarely have anything to say to me).
One empty room is filled with drugs and booze – it obviously belongs to one of the blue nightkin who are fighting their stealthboy addiction, so I’m careful not to touch a damn thing. The next room had an old pinball game machine in it – but I couldn’t figure out how it works. Still, it’s the only one of its kind that I’ve ever seen.

He's got such a supple wrist

He's got such a supple wrist

Yet another room is super tidy and, rather cutely, has a teddy bear lying on the bed. It’s rather sweet to think that one of the big scary monsters goes to bed with a little soft toy, but then again these mutants were all human once. For a brief moment I wonder if the mutant who sleeps here had perhaps been a child before being exposed to FEV and undergoing their transformation – but it’s a wholly depressing train of thought that I’d rather not dwell on.

After wandering about the back rooms of the lodge I end up back in the main foyer, and decide to take a peek into the two big rooms off either side. The room to the left is full of nightkin, so I quickly leave; but the room on the right is a massive science lab that has an even bigger surprise in store. People. Real non-mutant people.
Specifically, a human doctor named Henry and a female ghoul named Calamity.

It’s a relief to speak to another human again, and his mere presence here is confirmation that Jacobstown is a safe enough place for Joe to hang out.

Henry is happy to chat whenever he’s not busy researching a cure for the nightkin addiction.
But even better, it turns out that his research assistant Calamity is also the person who takes the Bighorner meat and pelts to market. Just so happens that she has a stockpile of personal items (including food), and is happy to take any spare items I have in trade.
This is a good thing, because while there is plenty of water up here, I’m about a third of the way through the food I brought from the Follower’s safe house. I’m welcome to stay in Jacobstown, but there doesn’t seem to be any places to find food – most of the places nearby have been picked clean. I’m able to do a little trading with Calamity to boost up my supplies.

Boy, have I got a deal for you

You wanna explain to me exactly how you got yourself all corpsified?

This place isn’t so bad at all! Confirmation that my hide-a-way is safe, someone to trade with and a real human to chat with. Things are looking up for ol’ Joe.


One Response to “Taking the Tour”

  1. Quinton Beck Says:

    Does she have scotch? Tell me Calamity has scotch.

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