No Good Deed

For the next few days I come into the lab each morning… not just to check if Calamity has any sweet, sweet scotch to feed my addiction… no, not at all… I’m, err, going to help by looking over the research notes on the old computer terminal there. Yeah, that’s it.

Regardless of true motivations I do go in each morning and spend some time reading the notes. Not sure I’ll be able to spot anything in there that Doc Henry and Calamity haven’t seen, but an extra set of eyes can’t hurt.
And since the nightkin live all around me it would be a good thing if we could find some sort of cure for their insanity. A sane community is a happy community!

I can help! I'm an expert at the machine that goes *BING*

I can help! I'm an expert at the machine that goes *BING*

Plus, honestly, it’s just nice to have a reason to get out of the hut. Sitting around all day doing nothing wasn’t really the life I was born for.
I might have been less keen to help out if I had anticipated that Doctor Henry would end up asking me a favour. Apparently no good deed goes unpunished.

Apparently the good doctor’s research has come to a standstill. He’s looking into less harmful cloaking for the broken-minded nightkin (one that won’t drive them mad) and he had been researching the local nightstalkers which, unlike normal nightstalkers, seem to be able to turn invisible naturally. He’d like me to visit the cave where they live and see if I can figure out why.
What’s a nightstalker, you ask? Imagine a hyena with a giant snake head and a rattlesnake tail.
Errr.. no. Did the fact I’m a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse make you think I was suicidal? My apologies for the mix up. I decline your offer to go hunting through the lair of hundreds of unholy abominations for you. Jacobstown is packed with freaken super mutants. SUPER mutants. Send one of them.

The doctor calms me down and explains that I wouldn’t be going in alone. One of the mutant residents has been getting annoyed with the nightstalkers because they have been killing Jacobstown’s life stock. All I have to do is accompany them.
Well… I suppose. Fair enough, I’m in.
So, who is this mutant? This creature that I’ll be trusting my life to?
Lily?!?! The insane mutant grandmother? Can I reconsider? No? Goddamnit!

What the hell have I got myself into?

I did agree, so I’m left with little choice – I change into my leather armour and head out to the ranch to meet up with Lily, who is still tending the Bighorners.

No granny, I don't want to see what surprise you have for me...

No granny, I don't want to see what surprise you have for me...

Lilly is just as grandmotherly and kind as last time I met her, but like all nightkin, she struggles with a ‘broken mind’ brought on by excessive Stealth Boy usage; and she frequently mentions someone named Leo, who seems to be the manifestation of her schizophrenia… Leo makes her do “bad things” and tells her “who to chop”. Oh, also… he’s standing right next to her, apparently. Yay?
Well, as long as he only tells Lily to chop the nightstalkers, we’ll get along okay.

No, no. You go on ahead... I'll just stand back here.

No, no. You go on ahead... I'll just stand back here.

Oh, this will go well…

[Failing Fallout will return to twice weekly updates, starting next week!]


4 Responses to “No Good Deed”

  1. Quinton Beck Says:

    Does that mean there will be an update next week or the week after that?

    • The updates are going back to how they were pre-Christmas. So that’s two updates a week, rather than one.
      So next update is next week on Tuesday, and the one after that on Thursday…

      • Quinton Beck Says:

        Oh, sweet. Looking forward to seeing ol Joe get murderlized by Nightstalkers, haha, jk. Good luck though. What level is Joe since he’s been avoiding quests like the plague?

      • Honestly do not remember which level he was back then…
        In order to have a stress-free Christmas, I played (and wrote) a whole lot of entries before I started my holiday, so the entry you’re reading here (as well as anything else around Jacobstown) was written over a month ago. Trying to extrapolate back I’d guess round about level 8 or 9 – which is a lot higher than I ever wanted him to be.

        New Vegas Joe levelled up a whole lot faster than FO3 Joe. FO3 Joe was still level 8 when the whole thing ended. My biggest mistake with FONV Joe was finding/fighting Benny. While I thought Joe trying to make Benny’s death look like a suicide was kinda hilarious, completing that quest was a XP bomb that levelled Joe up at least twice.
        It’s just a shame that I started New Vegas Joe before the perks for limiting XP and capping level to 30 were available, because I’d have picked those to help slow him down.

        During the Night Stalker saga I actually turned the game up to Very Hard (where it will stay). That means that Lily and all the monsters are super powerful while Joe is a lot more fragile – which suits his character. Him being feeble is very much part of his charm.

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