Country Roads

Oh, Novac. Long may your hollow, wooden dinosaur stand vigil over your settlers, crazy-ass vagrants and cranky innkeepers.
I’m thrilled to see Novac, and even more thrilled to get back to my room and see all my stuff. Oh stuff, how I missed you!
The vast quantity of loot stashed in my old room amazes even me. A safe full of weapons, a wardrobe full of clothes, fridge packed with food and buckets of random junk in every other container. More than enough to stock any number of stores throughout the wasteland.

I spend the next few days catching up with the settlers here, visiting the ranchers and trading with the general store and the local doctor. I even make time to play a few hands of Caravan with ol’ No-bark; which was fortuitous since a winning streak left me almost 900 caps richer. Shiny!
Is it wrong to gamble with someone who is clearly mentally unstable… and then walk off with enough of their money to buy a small house? Ever since Joe went on the run from the strip, his behaviour had taken a turn for the better; but judging by his new cap count, that turn wasn’t going to last.
Oh, well – next to murdering an unarmed Powder Ganger, pillaging the desecrated town of Nipton, shooting puppies, leaving Goodsprings to the mercy of gangsters, looting countless murder victims, feigning a truce to lure Benny to his death, robbing graves and gunning down a mentally unstable mutant last time I was here, a little thing like defrauding the mentally ill hardly matters. Sure, I might be heading back to help Goodsprings now, but even taking that into account, that’s still a pretty long list of shame.
Grandma Lily stays in my room for most of this time… no need to scare the locals, and it’ll be better if she just stays inside.

Okay, I'm just going to pop out for a while. You stay here and... stay here.

Okay, I'm just going to pop out for a while. You stay here and... stay here.

I’m reminded yet again that I could just stay here, indefinitely living off the plunder of Nippton, but last time the boredom drove me half crazy. As Joe is a something of a greedy coward, the idea of hard work might seem like something he’d try to avoid. But back in Vault 101, with all of its comfort and security, also offered community and demanded that everyone put in an honest day’s labour.

After a few days’ rest, more than enough time to reintroduce the wonder of scotch to my life, it’s time to push on. The first store I want to set up will be a home base in Goodsprings, so I pick out a selection of items that Lily will carry for me. I don’t pack any merchandise myself because I am lazy need to keep my pack light in case we run into trouble.
Then we set off once more, again heading to the south.

We stop for the night at Wolfhorn ranch. A few of the plants in the fields hereabout seem to have grown back since last time I was here, so we spend the evening gathering it. We can always use the extra food, and with the previous owner long gone it’d just go to waste otherwise.
Oh, previous owner – I’m sure we’d be great friends if we ever met.

The pleasant peddler picked a peck of prickly pears

The pleasant peddler picked a peck of prickly pears

Oh the times we've had. The loot we've hoarded.

Oh the times we've had. The loot we've hoarded.

Tomorrow, Nipton.


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