Reverse job interview

As I make my way out of the barracks the next morning I notice that Cass is still drinking at the bar. What a trooper. I’d have liked nothing more than to hit the bottle again, but I have work to do. Horrible bad karma won’t make up for itself!

On the way to the main office I’m accosted by Ranger Ghost. The rangers are the elite of the NCR military. They’re as close to Special Forces as NCR have, so it pays to be nice to them.
She’s actually looking for information on Niption… as she’s generally on lookout she’s noticed the smoke coming from the town’s direction and she hasn’t heard any news from there for a while. I tell her about the Legion wiping the town out. “And, err, it looks like they looted the place of all its resources. ‘Cause when I got there everything was already gone. … … Honest. What kind of monster would loot from the dead?” Yeah, that sounded believable.
Thankfully Ranger Ghost wasn’t inclined to ask too many more questions, and Joe is able to make his way over to the main office building.

That is one majestic moustache

That is one majestic moustache

When I get to the main office I run straight into another ranger – Ranger Jackson. Ranger Jackson and his majestic moustache. Ranger Jackson has a job for me, specifically a request to clear out any critters on the roads between here and Primm so traders could get through. On one hand, I would like to encourage traders and he does have a majestic moustache. On the other hand, as much as I’d love to help, I also dislike jobs that would undoubtedly put me in danger later.
Rather then turn him down, I tell him I’ll think about it. I hate to lie to someone with such a majestic moustache, but I also don’t want to reject high ranking NCR officers directly before requesting help from the NCR.

I find out that if I want to arrange more troops for Primm, Major Knight is the one I need to talk to.
Thankfully, once I find him, Major Knight isn’t too hard to convince. Joe is nothing if not a salesman, so selling the idea that Primm would be a great asset wasn’t too difficult.

Also, Primm currently has ample supplies of bodies you could use as fertiliser!

Also, Primm currently has ample supplies of bodies you could use as fertiliser!

With the promise of weapons and troops for Primm, I’m ready to head back. I give the outpost one last longing look: Traders and a Bar, with ample armed protection. When Joe was fresh out of Vault 101, this would have been the perfect place to call home.
But, alas, I cannot stay. I’ve got a debt to pay to Lily. And I have dreams – dreams of a chain of Honest Joe outlets across the wastes, reaping a harvest of sweet caps by supplying high quality goods to all those with the caps to pay.

It's a little military industrial Eden

It's a little military industrial Eden

Yay. Sand.


Stretching out before me is the expanse of the Mojave desert, To the east I can see the faint outline of Nipton, while to the north I can make out the faint outline of Primm’s ancient rollercoaster. With a deep sigh I start off down the hill.

After trudging for what seems like hours, my pipboy alerts me of danger on the road ahead. This must be what Ranger Jackson warned me about – some horrible creature preying on passing merchants. I get ready to try and sneak around the creatures blocking the road, when I catch my first glimpse of them…
Wait a minute… that’s not a dangerous monster… that’s a giant ant. That’s basically dinner.

In the Mojave, fast food just means you have to chase it down before you eat it.

In the Mojave, fast food just means you have to chase it down before you eat it.

Why didn’t Ranger say they were ants? Hell, from my point of view, they’re just free protein!
I drop a lit stick of dynamite at my feet, fire a few shots at the first ant and then tear off up the hill. A small swarm of the buggers crawl around the cars and other rubble to chase after me, but they get more then they bargained for when the dynamite turns most of them into ant salad.
Basically, I’m able to help out a ranger and obtain some fresh ant meat! Joe is the winner on the day!

Rather than continue on to Primm I high-tail it back up the hill to the ranger outpost. Ostensibly to let Ranger Jackson know that I’ve completed his task. But I’ll admit, the idea of drinking another night away with Cass is more than welcome.


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