Choices, Choices

Okay… this time I really DO have to leave the outpost. Ranger Jackson was thrilled that I’d eliminated the delicious ant menace, and rewarded me with an old rifle and some ammo. I then traded the gun, ammo and ant meat for all the sweet booze I could carry. Cass was still at the bar and between us we’d managed to drink the place right out of Whisky.
I bid goodbye to Cass – and promise to try I bring some more with me next time I head back this way.

And with that I’m off again. I stop the night at the now abandoned police station, and then keep heading north, up into Prim.

Joe wonders around the NCR camp outside of Primm a bit until he finds the bloke in charge. Boss man confirms that there are reinforcements on the way from the Mojave Outpost and they now have the manpower to take and hold the town.
And then came the curveball, if NCR take over the town, then the residents of Primm will have to become NCR citizens, pay NCR taxes and follow NCR rules. I mean, when you think about it, it’s fair enough. But that’s a bit a a change to just thrust on them. Lily wouldn’t want me to hand all these people over to the NCR without talking to them about it first.
I decide that the best plan would be to go and ask around, see what the town folk want.

Cosy. These are clearly the best people to put in charge, right?

Cosy. These are clearly the best people to put in charge, right?

After talking to everyone I could find, I’m none the wiser. At the moment they just want it all to be over, so they don’t feel like they have to hide together in the casino any more. But none of them seem to have a preference… In the end it looks like I’m going to have to decide on behalf of the town.

I choose the NCR, I’m not sure people will like the troopers that will be watching their every move or the taxes that NCR will levy… but NCR have people and guns. They can protect Primm better than a single robot can.
I let the NCR Sergeant know that he has the keys to the city Primm is theirs. And before I have a chance to 2nd guess myself, NCR troops start stomping across the bridge into Primm. (Now, when I say, “Stomping across the bridge into Primm,” that sounds a little scary… but that’s only because an army stomping anywhere looks a little scary. If an army on the move doesn’t look a little scary it’s not doing its job.)

And while there might be a stream of troopers moving into Primm, there is also a stream of people coming out of the Casino, happy to be going home. Primm has law once again.


A few days later and life has come back Primm. And frankly, the buggers are largely ungrateful.
In fact, if anything, they have more complaints than kind words. Specifically, complaints about new taxes and martial law. Too late now folk, what’s done is done!

I spend the next few days travelling between Goodsprings and Primm.
After leaving a memorial ‘Lily’ bear in the mailbox of all the homes in Primm, I have some left over. I think that maybe Goodsprings could have the rest of them – after all, she helped the people of Goodsprings as much as she helped the people of Primm.
As the days roll by Primm wakes up more and more.

Let’s have a quick tour of the new and improved Primm:

Why hello there, young lady! Just out for a stroll? Mrs. Ruby Nash knows the best recipes this side of the Vegas Strip… Including a casserole made with Scorpion Venom that has a real bite to it.

Let's see who lives in this house. Hello gentlemen! Didn’t mean to barge into your home… Want a memorial teddy bear? You’re clearly into bears. No. Okay, please… go back to who what you were doing. Awkward.

The local courier office and trading post is now much better supplied with more ammo and weapons thanks to NCR supply lines. But high taxes mean the prices are higher. Still, Mr Nash is just happy that the laws back in town.

Turns out NCR don’t need any rookies with only two months experience as deputies.

With the ruffians gone the casino is open for business! Brings back memories – me gambling away my money. Veronica looking on with an unimpressed look on her face. Good times.

It’s not New Vegas, but it’ll do! Veronica would hate it here. Perhaps even worse than the dusty old desert trading post where I left her. At least she’s alive, so that makes her the most fortunate person to have had the misfortune of meeting me.

All and all, it’s pretty satisfying to have helped the people here. Not SO satisfying that I’ll be rushing to anyone else’s aid without appropriate payment up front, but pretty satisfying nevertheless. Lily would be happy to see these people able to live their lives again… well… okay, so Lily would have been mostly oblivious to the whole thing. But if I had been very persistent in explaining things to her, I think it would make her happy that all these people were happy. And that’s good enough for Joe!


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