Making My Own Fun

Life is pretty good at the moment – I’ve started an ad-hoc trading route between Goodsprings and the NCR’s Mojave Outpost. I can buy or acquire items from Goodsprings, travel south through Primm and sell items at the Outpost. Each round trip takes me six to eight days (depending how long I spend at the Primm casino on the way through).

Honestly, the trading isn’t particularly lucrative, but running into raiders, geckos and other wildlife on the road insures that I’m turning a small profit. Plus there is a bunch of crap lying about in Prims old hotel and with the Powder Gang gone I can ‘prospect’ it on the way through.
It would be perfect if only there was some place to sleep in Primm. There are several homes here, but all of them are inhabited.

Guess there's no place in suburbia for a man like Joe

Guess there's no place in suburbia for a man like Joe

But it is delightfully encouraging that there is a saloon at either end of my little trade route – an extra little reward for making the trip.

Best of all, I have a new friend. Sort of.
During one of my recent trips through Primm, I got to talking with Mr Nash, the general store owner. When the discussion turned to the broken eyebot on the counter, he revealed that it had once been fully functional, but it just stopped one day and now seemed broken beyond repair… if Joe can fix it, it’s all mine. No doubt a just reward for all my good deeds…
Okay, okay. My good deed, singular.

Joe the builder. Can he fix it? Joe the builder. Not. Right. Now!

Joe the builder. Can he fix it?
Joe the builder. Not. Right. Now!

Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck getting the sodding thing to work. Joe had seen eye-bots bobbing around the capital wasteland, insistently playing old world tunes and Enclave propaganda. I know how it should work… I just don’t have the parts.
Luckily, my new trade route has the means to supply me with everything I need. Some scrap metal from the Goodsprings trader, a few electronics I’d gathered in my own Goodsprings store and a fusion battery from the Mojave NCR Outpost, and a few days later I have everything I need!

Triumphantly I use the spare parts to repair some of the damage, and the ball-shaped robot sprung into life… and almost immediately started flying circlets around the store

Hey... wait! Come back here!

Hey... wait! Come back here!

Once I was able to attract the attention of the damn thing I was able to get it to follow me as my new sidekick!

I understand that, as a concept, building a new best friend to help cope with the loss of a friend who has passed away doesn’t seem to speak well of Joe’s mental or emotional health, but this approach does offer several advantages – firstly, ED-E is a robot, therefore I’m not putting anyone else’s life at risk. Which is important, since I’ll be trying to head North to New Vegas at some stage, and that goes through Deathclaw valley.

Secondly, ED-E has some super advanced scanners, so it’s able to let us know if anything hostile is even remotely near us. The range on the scan is pretty phenomenal and means that, if I’m careful, I’ll never be ambushed again!
In fact, its significantly helped me on my travels already – knowing the number of hostiles in any given direction has allowed me to pick off lone targets (whether they be Geckos, Coyotes or Raiders), as well as allowing me to steer clear of any groups who might have the audacity to put up a fight.

I'll strike with impunity!

Such reassurance has given me the confidence to resume ‘day trips’ around zones I consider safe.
So far my additional exploration hasn’t turned up anything of interest, but it makes a nice change from the long tedious walk from Goodsprings to the NCR Outpost and back.

For example, not too far from the NCR outpost I stumbled across the ruins of an old flying machine. Sadly, while that sounds awesome, it was a bit boring as the wreckage was so buried I was totally denied access. Nevertheless, my ‘prospecting’ was able to turn up a bit of ammo for trade, so it wasn’t a total loss.

I want to get away, I want to flllly away.

If that was a shocking disappointment, the outdoor theatre outside of Primm was even worse. If it hadn’t been for the name provided by my pipboy (no doubt accessing pre-war maps of the area), I would have never been about to tell that it was someplace special – there wasn’t much remarkable there at all. Neither it, or the nearby buildings, contained anything of note.
Mind you, it is right next to an inhabited area, so I shouldn’t be surprised.


It’s been a great few weeks, but that’s about to change, for tomorrow I head north!


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