The Prospector Trail

Okay, so my trip North wasn’t everything I hoped for, but Ed-e saved Joe from a potentially fatal situation. I’m not beaten yet… Someday I’ll come back and try this all again, but for now I’ll slowly back away from the valley of doom.
But it’s not a total loss. I’ve opened up a new stop on my trade route – Sloan. And the more you think about it, Sloan is a little NCR mining camp in the middle of nowhere, so the idea of bringing them items from the NCR Outpost in the south makes a lot of good sense.

And so it goes. Ed-e and I make it into a trade route: Starting in Sloan, walking to Goodsprings, continuing through Primm to the NCR Mojave Border Outpost. Once I’m in the outpost I have a drink or two with Cass and stock up on anything that looks like a miner would want it, and then we walk all the way back (well… I walk. Ed-e just kind of bobs along behind me).

Lady, you have the perfect job.

Lady, you have the perfect job.

The trip is about a week each way… and while a trade route like this is theoretically ideal for a trader like me, it’s only been two round trips and I’ve had about enough of this goram walking business. So. Much. Fraking. Walking.
At this stage I can basically quote the radio playlist by heart. Even the smooth Jazz station has grown old and is driving me nuts.
Hell, I’m not even making any money on these trips! Well, I am… but not from the trading – the money is coming from the items I collect on my way through. I’m collecting a constant stream of gecko, blowfly and coyote meat… and for some reason members of the Powder Gang keep showing up on the road, trying to shoot me. Sadly for them, Ed-e makes those encounters pretty one-sided, so I also have a constant supply of ammo and weapons.

While I might be making money each trip, the amount of money I actually have has actually dwindled a little. That’s mostly due to the drinks with Cass and the Casino in Primm. I may as well just dig a hole there and throw my caps in it.



And so that’s where you find me now, in Primm having just thrown a few hundred caps into a money hole.
I was actually intending to head down to the Outpost and pick up more supplies for Sloan, but the idea of all that walking actually made me feel a little sick to the stomach. So instead I decided I’d have a peek around Primm.

Last time I went looking for something interesting around these parts all I found was an empty area that allegedly used to be an outdoor theatre. But I’ve explored the areas surrounding Primm far less than the outskirts of Goodsprings, so there is a chance SOMETHING cool is out there… and I’m going to ‘prospect’ the hell out of it!

Ed-e and I start off into the eastern hills around Primm. Heading through an old, rusted pre-war playground we quickly despatch a few pesky mutant flies and press onward into the hills.
I’m not too much further into the mountains before we stumble upon a body – and according to my pip-boy it’s the body of a prospector.

There but for the grace of Vault Tech go I

There but for the grace of Vault Tech go I

If there was ever a bad omen, it would be this. I take a moment to mourn my fallen brother… And then I take all his stuff. Perhaps this should have served as a warning, but I have Ed-e watching my back.

Leaving my now unclad brethren behind me, we forge forward into the hill. It turns out there isn’t just one dead prospector… there is a veritable trail of dead prospectors leading up into the valley.
I can’t help but feel somewhat affronted at the wholesale slaughter of prospectors… and also very slightly affronted that despite all the dead prospectors, there doesn’t appear to be anything out here to prospect.

I’m obviously on my guard as we continue up the path, past an abandoned campfire and we eventually arrive at a wooden door set in the cliff face. This is where it all leads. Again, I probably should learn a lesson from my prospecting brothers and bail out now… but I’m Joe and Joe refuses to be taught! Besides… what’s the worst that could happen?

Well... It might be treasure!

Well... It might be treasure!


2 Responses to “The Prospector Trail”

  1. Joe should try and head to Freeside, Don’t head east from Primm! Sharp sensed Blind Deathclaw through Primm Pass. My personal choice is better for people with no followers, Stealth Boy my way on the cliffs of I-15. ED-E would give it away though. So maybe the Great Khan Encampent? But there are a few Cazadors.
    But how did you get to Jacobstown? Just head east. But be warned! DO NOT ENTER SILVER PEAK MINE!!!!!! Cazador infested with a Legendary Cazador.

    • Well, if things are too hard he’ll just have to walk around the long way – through Novac like last time. But since I’m actually making him walk rather than run or jog like Fallout characters normally do, I hate the idea of walking all that way through areas I’ve explored before… having said that, I’m about sick enough of the Goodsprings/Primm area that the other areas are looking better and better all the time.

      I actually think that Joe already visited the Sliver Peak mines. There was running involved… lots and lots of running.
      That happend all the way back here:

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