They said I gotta go to rehab

Okay… so, what are the Pros and Cons of paying the Doctor to help me quit drinking?
Pros: Whenever I’ve gone without booze for a wee while I get raging hangovers. Hangovers that not only make it hard to think and leave me feeling weak, but also make me seem generally unpleasant to spend time around.
Cons: I like scotch.

I’m pretty torn and decide to take the night to sleep on it. And what’s better for a good night’s sleep than a bottle of scotch? I’ll tell you… THREE bottles of scotch!
Okay, so perhaps I have a problem.

I’m prepared to concede that it might be a good idea to let the good doctor help me with my problem. As much as I love the scotch, it is expensive and it has been responsible for a fair bit of trouble…

The next morning I stop off at my little Goodsprings store and make sure everything is clean and tidy before I take my leave of absence. I also take the opportunity to decorate the counter with a skull I found on my last trip out. It’s perfect for my little store, because nothing says ‘class’ like the skull bone of a dead animal.
Then I stop in at the bar and sell Trudy my stockpile of scotch whisky… which nets me almost 350 caps – more than enough to pay for the treatment.

Once that’s taken care of, I head off to the doctor’s place with a heavy heart and a pocket full of caps.

Now that's sophisticated!

Now that's sophisticated!

You’ll never find any cleaning agent so powerful as procrastination.

You’ll never find any cleaning agent so powerful as procrastination.

The detox process wasn’t at all what I thought… it was over in a flash, and just like that, BANG. Gone. It was actually frighteningly efficient. And I feel better than I have in months!
In fact, I feel so good I might go see Trudy and get a nice scotc… god damn it. This is going to be a problem. Scotch is a part of my routine. Every evening I spend in Goodsprings is an evening I spend in Trudy’s Saloon. It’s part of my life here.

There’s only one thing for it… If I want to break the cycle, I’ll have to change my environment! I’ve been meaning to get back on the road anyhow, and now is as good a time as any.
And as a bonus I don’t need to cart trade goods with me, as there is still a massive pile in Novac.

So I set out what I’ll need for this trip.
Food and water -15 bottles of water and 15 Steaks should see me through pretty easily. Also, I have my trusty canteen. Clothes, I take my armour, one set of work clothes and one set of business clothes.
Weapons; I pack a pistol, a service rifle and my hunting rifle; and around 40 rounds for each of them.
Oh, and medical supplies. 15 stimpacks and a doctor’s bag… Where the hell am I keeping all this stuff? And this is a light load…
I can only assume that the technology that goes into the modern pocket is a lot more complicated than it initially appears. Probably the same space saving technology that is allowing a small floating ball like Ed-e to carry all that food and water for me.

And so I head off south again, but with the comforting knowledge that this isn’t just another trading run. In terms of a trading route this place is ideal, but as my recent experiences illustrate, this area is mostly desert wasteland so prospecting (interesting things to diary about) are pretty much out of the question.

My route takes me down through Primm and then to the NCR trading post. I have to say goodbye to Cass, even if I can’t share a customary scotch… so instead I have a Vodka. Vodka is better, right?

Vodka - Looks like water, tastes like happy.

Vodka - Looks like water, tastes like happy.

As I bid farewell, Cass reminds me (once again) that I should try and find some work with the crimson caravan company. The way she goes on about it you’d think she’s emotionally invested or something. If I make it back up that way maybe I’ll look into it.

It would probably be a bad idea for me to stay the night here if I’m to have any hope of continued sobriety. Instead I head down the road and rest up in a small ruin. Just like old times.
Who knows what wonders my future holds?

80% Less comfortable, 100% Less temptation.

80% Less comfortable, 100% Less temptation.

Well… Apparently my future holds a Viper ambush. GOD DAMN YOU, MY FUTURE!

I’m fast asleep when I’m woken by the sound of laser fire, gun shots and the contextually disturbing smell of roasted pork. Turns out I’m not the only one who thought to use these ruins as a place to rest – although Vault Tech only knows where they were all hiding, because this place was deserted. Perhaps they put the space saving technology found in pockets to a new and nefarious use? Or perhaps they tracked me here after I killed off their raiding party back at the prospector’s den.

Regardless, their whole ‘kill Joe while he sleeps’ plan backfired in grandiose fashion, because they failed to account for the fact that floating, laser-happy eye-bots don’t sleep. The end result of this miscalculation is that they spent rather more time on fire then they had initially planned (a fact that also largely explains the smell of roasted pork).
So rather than quietly cutting my throat, they instead were quickly and effectively incinerated by my synthetic companion.

You okay, mate? You seem to be burning up. "ba-dum-bum-CHING"

You okay, mate? You seem to be burning up. "ba-dum-bum-CHING"

All these dead bodies mean that I get a whole lot of new stuff. This really was the worst ambush ever – they’d have come out better off if they had just snuck into camp, left all their gear in a neat pile for me and then snuck off with their lives. So… yay loot!
While it may have been a rude awakening, dawn isn’t too far off, so rather than sleep amongst the dead I spend a little time using the gear I salvaged from the raiders to repair the gear in my pack. Once I’m done I shove all the rest into my mystical pockets and set off towards Nipton.

Who knows what wonders the new day might bring?

I predict sand!

I predict sand!


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