They can’t all be exciting

Leaving the world’s worst ambush behind me, Ed-e and I head east – following a road through the desert that will bring us to Nipton. It is a little tempting to head off the road and into the expanse of sand to the south, but I can’t actually see a dang thing in that direction and Ed-e’s sensors are showing hostiles scuttling about out there.
So instead I steadily tromp along the established path, radio off, listening to the sound of the wind.

As we approach Nipton I start to get an unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t really want to stay in that ghost town the night. Somewhat hypocritical, I understand, but despite the fact I’d slept in various beds within the town whilst robbing the ex-inhabitants blind, I have no desire to sleep amongst the corpses now. I had nothing to do with their deaths, but maybe his subsequent looting has given Joe a feeling of shared culpability.
Rather than go through the township, I veer off to the south and into an old caravan park on the southern edge of the settlement. There are a few corpses here but it takes no time to move them all into one of the other rusted old caravans. There there were a few small bark scorpions running about, but their poison stings were shockingly ineffective against a flying, steel robot.
With the scorpions evicted and the bodies removed I have a nice site to stay the night

I could hang out here a while. But I have a sudden urge for Gummyworms. And Jalapeño chips. And about 2 caps worth of Pepperoni.

I could hang out here a while. But I have a sudden urge for Gummyworms. And Jalapeño chips. And about 2 caps worth of Pepperoni.

The walk wasn’t very long and it still only mid-day, so rather than sleeping I decide to look around for a little bit. My previous visits to Nipton were fairly focused affairs wherein I either stayed strictly within the town to loot or ran through to avoid the gruesome mutilations. Perhaps there is something out here worth seeing?

I start by looking to the south, but I’m hardly out of the trailer park when Ed-e’s alarms go off, alerting Joe to enemies off in that direction. Like… a lot of enemies.

See all those red marks on the compass? That's what we in the business refer to as 'horrifically bad'

See all those red marks on the compass? That's what we in the business refer to as 'horrifically bad'

Rather than just wondering into that horrible mess of pain I swiftly adjust course and head in a more easterly direction, a course of action that leads me to train tracks – the same tracks I’ve followed when taking the shortcut from Goodsprings, avoiding Primm.
While I’ve explored the northern track from Goodsprings to Nipton, I haven’t tried following it south of Nipton before… plus, sticking to the tracks will make finding my way back especially easy.
And so I follow the tracks until I come along a two-way split. Rather than taking the south-west track, a track that would inevitably led me back towards the mass of red blips; I take the left track that leads up into the hills.

I wonder what's up here? I can't wait to loot it!

I wonder what's up here? I can't wait to loot it!

Annnnd. nothing. There is a tunnel up there, but it’s sealed with no way to gain entrance. The scope of my disappointment is pretty hard to describe. I do poke around a little bit, but my search turns up nothing and I have to concede that there isn’t anything to be gained here.
I follow the track back down the small hill and briefly consider following the other track. But it’s now late afternoon. It would be a bad idea to try heading into potentially dangerous territory with the sun going down.

Pfft. good helping, Ed-e.

Pfft. good helping, Ed-e.

I spend the night in Nipton’s trailer park, and the next morning I take a moment to sort out Joe’s plans. My complete failure to find anything interesting the previous day has robbed me of any desire to continue searching this area, so rather than hang about I’ll press on to Wolfhorn Ranch.
Wolfhorn ranch was a place I stored my ill-gotten Nipton loot while I transported it to Novac, and it’s the next logical stop on my trip.

Heading out, up the road to Novac, I’m surprised to hear Ed-e beep a warning. Up ahead of me is an ancient, overturned truck – a truck that served as a lure for an ambush the first time I came this way.
It’s a case of history repeating itself, because Ed-e has detected bandits lying in wait up in the hills on either side of the road.
Last time I came this way I caught the ambush before it happened, but I almost walked into this new one unaware. I’d never have thought another group would try this same trick.
You know… It’s this lack of imagination that’s preventing people from getting their collective act together and rebuilding society.

Thankfully Ed-e’s warning means I can back out of the narrow valley and, just like last time, ambush the ambushers.

Holy Déjà vu, Batman!

Holy Déjà vu, Batman!

Ed-e’s scanners prove to be life-savers – because once I’ve silently eliminated the raiders, I find that one of them had been holding a grenade launcher. It would have been very bad to get caught in a narrow space with those raining down on me.
Thanks to Ed-e I escape unharmed and, for the second time in two days, Joe is personally enriched by would-be raiders.

The remainder of my journey is fairly non-consequential, but it’s nice to see the ranch again. Since my last visit, it looks like the garden has produced more vegetables, so tonight I’ll be able to have a fresh meal as well as a real bed.

 All it needs is a maid



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  1. I know I speak for many when i say thanks for such a great piece of work. You have alot of talent and your efforts are much appreciated. Even the “boring” entries are a joy to read

    I am sure more would say as much if they didn’t have to login into wordpress to leave a comment…..

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