The late bird presumably gets nothing

Why did this seem like a good idea, again?

With the ghouls out of the way, Ed-e and I are able to slip in through the back of the church. Let’s hope I can find something to loot so this trip was worth the effort!

The most obvious point of interest is an old computer that is still running. Odd place to find one, near the front door to the church.
That mystery is soon solved when Joe manages to hack his way through – a trick that just about justifies the time he spent hacking into Vault 101 education mainframe to top up his test scores. Turns out that the PC is a recent addition, set up by the NCR when they garrisoned troops in the town. Apparently, it controls some automated defences outside the church.

I muddle my way through the neon-green text interphase and make a few adjustments to the console, activating gun turrets out in the street. If ghouls attack again, that should make their lives more difficult.

Fallout: The terrifying tale of a world without the Windows OS.

Fallout: The terrifying tale of a world without the Windows OS.

With that sorted I look around for anything I can loot salvage. The place seems pretty empty, but in the back corner there is a trapdoor leading down into an underground storage area. I know that’s what’s down there due to the massive sign that reads ‘storage’ – dead giveaway if you know what to look for.

The radiation is getting stronger, but I have come all this way and feel like I need something to show for it. So I pop a rad-x capsule and make my way down the ladder.
Besides, now is no time to let a little radiation stop me, because if there isn’t anything worth looting salvaging in a semi-hidden, underground military storage room, I may as well give up scavenging altogether and resume my Goodsprings trade route.

It may as well read, "Steal me"

It may as well read, “Steal me”

I’ve never been more unhappy to see a room full of valuable items. This place seems packed with ammo crates, camping supplies and other goods that I could sell for a great price – but it seems that I wasn’t the first person to decide that this place was a ripe salvage target – A group of prospectors are already here – beaten to the punch!

The small group is led by a chap called Logan – and they are much better prepared than most other prospectors I’ve seen out in the waste… mind you, I think this might be the first time I’ve run into other prospectors while actually scavenging. Normally I can only tell other prospectors have been someplace when I find that anything of any value is already long gone. Until now arguments over claim jumping have never been something I’ve had to worry about.

Logan and his team are all outfitted in the same style of heavy leather armour that I’m wearing, plus everyone other than Logan himself is wearing an old motorcycle helmet that will undoubtedly offer a lot more protection than my cloth hat. It’s a pretty persuasive argument in favour of negotiating a truce.

Hey now, lads - don't want no trouble.

Hey now, lads – don’t want no trouble.

Turns out that it’s no big issue, as Logan’s not interested so much in this NCR Storage space. Apparently he’s interested in something worth far more, hidden somewhere within the town. And he only started poking around down in this storehouse looking for radiation-suits to hold off the radiation that is apparently much worse further into the small town.

Give the situation I make him a deal – I’ll take a few things from this room and leave the rest of the town to him. Plus, if I can find any radiation suits I bring them too him. Seems fair – especially because I have no intention of looking for said radiation suits.
Besides, even if there is something else awesome in this town, the radiation is already making me feel pretty damn ill. If this guy is right, and further in the town has even more radiation, then he is welcome to whatever is out there.

I make quick work of the room, taking some ammo, a few grenades and some meds (notably a pack of rad-away). Then, as an afterthought, I grab a ranger hat and sunglasses that were sitting on the table. The rest I leave for Logan and the rest of his salvage team.

With the town behind me, and not wanting to risk breaking my deal with Logan, I exit the town and start making my way home.

I'll just take this. And this. And one of those. And that.

I’ll just take this. And this. And one of those. And that.

I love the smell of rampant radiation in the morning.

I love the smell of rampant radiation in the morning.

Well, I should have listened to the little voice that suggested that this was a bad idea. I did find some neat stuff, but I also go dosed with a lot of radiation. Like… a lot. Like I’m mildly surprised that I’m not glowing. Of course, I did get the rad-away, and once I get back to wolfhorn ranch I climb the hill to the small lookout above the house before using it. Slowly, I can feel it trying to purge the radiation from my system, but while it does help a little, it soon becomes clear that I’m still suffering from radiation poisoning.

Looks like I’m in need of a doctor.

Okay, so it wasn't the best plan. But who can put a price on these bad-ass sunglasses?

Okay, so it wasn’t the best plan. But who can put a price on these bad-ass sunglasses?


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