Vault 11

A vault. An honest to goodness vault.
It’s with some trepidation that Joe steps over to the control panel and powers the door. With a slow moaning of steel, the massive cog door retracts into the vault before ponderously being rolled out of the way.
There is no welcoming party or hostile guard once the interior of the Vault is reviled. Indeed, rather than the pristine interior I was expecting, the place is damp, mouldy and rusted. What it does have is a handful of angry looking bugs that are more than happy to have a go at my shins.

GAH! Bugs! Clean them with fir…

GAH! Bugs! Clean them with fir…

Looks like you’re on that already, huh?

Looks like you’re on that already, huh?

Threat disabled Joe hesitantly makes his way through the circular door… the entrance foyer doesn’t look any prettier from inside. Clearly, something has gone fairly wrong around here. Although my first impulse is to flee whatever breathtakingly horrible fate befell the inhabitants of this vault, I do want to see what wonderful Vault Technology might be salvaged from within.
One of the first things I notice are election posters covering the walls. But they are all a little off, encouraging people to vote for candidates other than the ones commissioning the poster.

Elections: You're doing them wrong.

Elections: You’re doing them wrong.

The posters are so strange and distracting that I hardly notice the bones until I’m tripping over them. And that’s when I notice that four skeletons and a single pistol are scattered across the floor of the entrance.

Well… that’s certainly fairly ominous.

Well… that’s certainly fairly ominous.

Perhaps that mutant bugs got them? That’s certainly a preferable thought to some of the other options that could have led to this outcome.

As I widen my search pattern, I encounter more and more of the odd posters. Something was definitely going on here. Some sort of crazy un-election.
In Vault 101 the Overseer wasn’t elected. There was one guy in charge, and that one guy was more than a little mental. The Overseer chased me out of Vault 101, despite the fact I’d tried to surrender and hand over all my weapons – I was hurried out into the wastes, while the bugger continually spanked me with my own baseball bat.
But I’ve since learned that not all Vaults were run the same way. Vault 21 was run via gambling, for example. Who knows why the Vaults were all run differently? What is for sure is that this Vault had something pretty wacky going on. If the Overseer role is one of near-absolute power, why are people so desperate to avoid it?

Just in case that all wasn’t quite ominous enough, the nearby console contains a recording of the last group to exit the Vault. Clearly I’m keen for any clues about what is going on. At the press of a button a recording hisses:

Voice 1: Are we really gonna do this? It’s open. We could just leave.
Voice 2: I couldn’t. Not after that.
Voice 3: We don’t deserve to leave.
Voice 4: “A shining example.” That’s what it called us.
Voice 1: But we were! We did what we were supposed to.
Voice 5: Not by a long shot.
Voice 1: Anybody would’ve done what we did.
Voice 2: You ask me, that’s exactly the problem. Now let’s get on with this.
Voice 3: I’ll go first.
Voice 1: Wait. Wait. People should know what happened. They could learn from it.
Voice 5: If there’s anyone out there at all, I hope they never have to find out. Ready, Harry?
Voice 3: Yeah.
(Four gunshots in succession)
Voice 1: *Whimpers*
(Sound of a pistol dropping to the floor)

Well… that’s… a mite unsettling.

What the hell happened here? And how is it related to the posters?
Only one way to find out….


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