Vault 11: The tree of liberty…

With nothing worse than bugs and rodents in the entrance, I figure that it might not be too terrible to risk further exploration of the Vault. It sure sounds like something had gone horribly wrong here, but it sounds like that thing is well in the past… and besides, the odd backwards propaganda is too interesting to pass up.
It looks like this Vault got to elect its Overseer (a luxury that Vault 101 never had), but the posters seem to express outrage at being nominated, which is somewhat atypical.

The first room I come to is the doctor’s office…, which is somewhat odd, since it seems to be up near the entrance. The presence of numerous skeletons suggests that something must have happened to the medical staff… or that the doctor was just very bad at his job.

Come to wonderful Vault 11 and visit our famed bone collection!

Come to wonderful Vault 11 and visit our famed bone collection!

After salvaging a few medical supplies, I carefully plan my next move. You see, Vault-Tec vaults can be large and confusing. It’s important when exploring any ruined structure to keep a good sense of your surroundings, and that goes doubly in a Vault where you need to take it slow and… wait a moment… where the hell is that robot going?!

Any preconceptions of an orderly investigation and exploration quickly go out the window when my Eye-Bot, Ed-E, takes it upon itself to charge back out through the foyer, speakers trumpeting a strangled bugle battle cry. I’m left with little option other than to follow him as he flies off through the twisting hallways of Vault 11.

Hey – get back here!

Hey – get back here!

It seems that my otherwise-trustworthy robot has a pathological hatred of vermin, because it turns out that the reason for his erratic behaviour is a deep desire to deliver burning death to a number of mantises (mantises which, by all accounts, were happily minding their own business in a back room before my homicidal robot decided that they needed to die in a fire).

Thankfully, the big bugs weren’t expecting a little ball of laser-death to come flying out of the darkness, so we were able to off them before the bugs could offer any kind of resistance.
Once the gunfire and screeching dies down it appears that Ed-E has led me to a cigar lounge. A cigar lounge with zero cigars, but plenty of cigarettes.

 “Pre-war Cigarettes: None of the post-war tobacco radiation, all of the delicious lung cancer!”

“Pre-war Cigarettes: None of the post-war tobacco radiation, all of the delicious lung cancer!”

It’s hard to stay mad at the little guy when he leads me so such profitable things… that most modern cigarettes must be made from mutated tobacco plants might be the reason that the 200 year-old classics are so valuable.

Finding my way back isn’t too hard, as the cigar lounge was at a dead-end I’m able to find my way back to the lobby area by backtracking my steps.
I check the rooms we pass on our way, and the most interesting one is an old classroom. Frankly, it seems somewhat irresponsible to have put the school room just down the hall from the cigar lounge – but considering the project managers at Vault-Tec were responsible for my home Vault (with parameters designed to forever isolate the inhabitants from the rest of the world), maybe Vault 11 got off light if the only craziness here was dropping the kid’s room in a smoking zone.

School – less intimidating with no other students to bully you

School – less intimidating with no other students to bully you

Other than a few oddities, quickly ferreted away for later sale, there isn’t a lot to loot in the old classroom. With no other items to capture my interest, I turn my attention to the lone PC on the teacher’s desk.
A quick search brings up a personal message that talks about the election that prompted all these crazy posters. It reads:

Dear Fellow Vault Dweller:

Congratulations! Your dedication to the democratic process is the bedrock upon which the continued stability of Vault 11 is based. Now, to help you make your decision for this year’s election, the Coalition of Vault 11 Voting Blocs has put together this handy Dweller’s Official Guide to Obtaining Overseers Democratically, or D.O. G.O.O.D., that contains a summary of the leading candidates for Overseer as well as their statements, key positions, and most importantly, endorsements.


Roy Gottlieb
Chairman, Coalition of Vault 11 Voting Blocs
President, Justice Bloc

Voting Blocs? What now? If the Vault’s inhabitants had been passionate enough about the electoral process that they had formed voting blocs, they must have taken this voting pretty seriously.
I download D.O. G.O.O.D. to my Pipboy and continue to flick through it as I explore the Vault.

Candidate 1: Donna Haley
Endorsements: Human Dignity Bloc, United Vault Technicians Bloc
I’m aware of the rumors circulating about me. I want everyone to know that they are vicious lies being spread by the other candidates in a desperate smear campaign. I have never in my life done anything so depraved, let alone four such things. But even if I had, that still wouldn’t mean you should vote for me. Consider the fact that I am grossly underqualified for the position, and that both of my opponents are far more deserving. I know nothing about governance. You would be hard pressed to find a worse candidate than me. I can promise you my administration would be a disaster.

Two Voting Blocs nominated Donna… it seems that women can be Overseer in this Vault, so that’s a huge leap forward for gender equality. In most Vault’s she probably could have gotten out of the role just by pointing out: “I’m a female, therefore I should be at home in the kitchen”.
Also, is it wrong that I think the “vicious lies” about “depraved” actions should be considered a positive? It probably is wrong. Let’s pretend that I didn’t, eh?

Candidate 2: Henry Glover
Endorsements: Utilitarian Bloc, Divine Will Bloc, Allied Service Workers Bloc
I’m a devoted husband and father of six beautiful children. My oldest, Sam, was on the honor roll this quarter, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. My youngest, Henry Jr., just said his first word, and it was “Da-da.” We’ve got this bond already and he’s still just a baby. Friends, when you go to the polls this election, I want you to think of your own children. Then I want you to think of Sam and Henry Jr. Picture their faces. Nate Stone should be overseer, not me.

Looks like three of the voting blocs thought that Henry Glover should be Overseer. He’s also not keen for the job, but rather than give reasons that he wouldn’t be great for the job, he’s resorted to a heart-felt emotional plea.
There is no reason given as to why his family life might make him unsuitable for the roll. Maybe he’s worried that the demands of the job would keep him away from home too much?

An Adulterer AND a Communist? SOLD!

An Adulterer AND a Communist? SOLD!

Candidate 3: Nathan Stone
Endorsements: Justice Bloc
This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t even be a candidate. And I wouldn’t be if it weren’t for all the dirty backroom politics going on around here. It’s sickening. You should all be ashamed.

Well… That’s short and to the point. It looks like Mr. Stone was only nominated by the ‘Justice Bloc’.

Pity... those were good rumors

Pity… those were good rumors

D.O. G.O.O.D. does little to explain what’s going on here… if I want to find out what happened I’ll have to keep going…


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