Vault 11: Deadend Dorm

I guess this is one of those “good news/bad news” situations…
The good news is that the threat of horrible mutilation in this Vault seems pretty low. By which I mean that the only other living things down here seem to be rats and mantis.

There is bad news, however. With vermin all about you might ask yourself why Joe doesn’t just escape from the vault and leave the horror behind him… well, there are two reasons.
Firstly, those aren’t threating enemies – those are delicious protein.
Secondly, I am horribly, horribly lost.

Lost – So very, very lost.

Lost – So very, very lost.

Let’s rewind back a little – Joe is on the first level, determined to loot everything not nailed down (and vaguely curious about what happened to the residents of this Vault). Once I’d cleared out the top area of anything that looked valuable, I was ready to carefully extend the parameters of my search. With a confident stride born of ignorance I boldly ventured down the stairs, into some kind of computer room.
Eger to find out more about what happened here I head directly to the PC… only to discover that this PC was in fact a horrible trap.

I’m not a scientist… But I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be doing that

I’m not a scientist… But I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be doing that

I’m somewhat more cautious when approaching the next terminal, but this one doesn’t explode in my face. Instead I’m rewarded with two new pieces of the puzzle. The first reads:

Subject: Notice of Postponement

Fellow Citizens,

Due to the tragic events of the past few days, the Coalition of Vault 11 Voting Blocs has unanimously decided to postpone the election for overseer pending further investigation into the murders. Your security team wishes you to know that they are working tirelessly day and night to find the perpetrator, and are already following up on a number of promising leads. God willing, if the killer is apprehended swiftly, we may have found a promising new candidate for overseer.

Terry Hart
President, Human Dignity Bloc

Wait. What?
What is going on here that people might be considered for the role of Overseer?!?

Subject: Overseer Order 745

Effective immediately, the traditional selection process for overseer is hereby ended. In lieu of a yearly election, a citizen will be chosen one month prior to the start of his or her term with our mainframe’s random number generator, ensuring complete impartiality and fairness.

Katherine Stone

Kate Stone? She wasn’t on the list of candidates. I wonder if she is related to Nathan Stone, who was elected?

Undeterred by exploding computers, I continue through a large common room and into to some gender specific dorm rooms – but the crazy-election motif stays strong throughout.

Hey! Leave my crutch alone! (Ba-dom-dom, PISH!)

Hey! Leave my crutch alone! (Ba-dom-dom, PISH!)

I don’t remember Vault 101 having dorms… I guess that, as well as different systems of government, different Vaults where laid out different physically as well. Either Vault-Tec had some grand plan, or consistency really was not it’s strong suit.

Panty raid in the girl’s dorm!

Panty raid in the girl’s dorm!

The dorms are all interconnected, and this is where things start to get a little off-track. All of a sudden it’s all long hallways and intersected rooms – and it doesn’t help that Ed-e occasionally gets excited and takes off chasing after rats or insects. Seriously, I need a leash.
Perhaps I should have just left him to it, but after I left Lily alone (an act that inevitably led to her death) I’m too worried about my little spherical partner. Ed-e might not be alive, but he is loyal (addition to vermin not withstanding).

My persistence in following Ed-e pays off when he leads me to a dorm room with a locked computer. Locked things are almost always interesting, and foolishly whomever locked it left the password in a nearby locker.

Hello, little locked PC. I want in you.

Hello, little locked PC. I want in you.

After typing in the password, a recording plays:
Justice Bloc HQ Security Tapes
Voice 1: She can’t do this.
Voice 2: It’s done. We’re done.
Voice 1: Nothing’s done.
Voice 2: She’s got the authority. The only thing she can’t do is change her own fate. Nothing says she can’t change the selection process for future overseers.
Voice 1: I say she can’t.
Voice 2: You shouldn’t have toyed with her like that, Roy.
Voice 1: We still have the majority.
Voice 2: We don’t vote for anything anymore
Voice 1: I’m not talking about voting.
Voice 2: What, then? You want to have a sit-in? A hunger strike?
Voice 1: Not exactly.
Voice 2: Maybe march into her office with torches and pitchforks?
Voice 1: Yes.
Voice 2: Come on.
Voice 1: I mean it.
Voice 2: What, start a revolution?
Voice 1: Laws don’t outlast their governments.
Voice 2: Roy, all we have to do is wait until someone from Justice Bloc gets picked for overseer. Then we have them change the law back.
Voice 1: There won’t be any blocs after the new overseer is picked tomorrow. Everyone’s going to move on. By the time we’ve reformed, who knows if we’ll still be in the majority.
Voice 2: We can hold the bloc together.
Voice 1: You don’t know that. Besides what if the computer picks you? What if it picks me?
Voice 2: And your solution is to start shooting?
Voice 1: Not if we don’t have to. Look, we arm up. We go to the lower floors, we take some strategic targets. Power, food, water. Just until she turns authority to us.
Voice 2: The other blocs won’t support it. They’re tired of us having the power.
Voice 1: We have the majority. We don’t need them.
Voice 2: This isn’t a vote, Roy. They’ll fight back.
Voice 1: They’ve never had the nerve.
Voice 2: Hell of a way to test it.

Oh. That doesn’t sound good. Obviously Kate was the killer talked about in the messages from before… but it sounds like she used the role to kick off a bloody civil war… but over how the Overseer was elected?! Why are people so adverse to being in charge?
Regardless of the reasons, it sounds like the dominant voting bloc was unwilling to relinquish control.

Well, that’s all very interesting… but I’m still lost.


I found some Science!

After a significant amount of wondering and back tracking we stumble upon a door that says Admin. I’m not sure the location of the stairs up, but if there are answers I’m sure I’ll find them in here.


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  1. Lucky Harith Says:

    Don’t tell me this is going where it looks like it’s going.

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