Vault 11: A Little Dip

So remember how last time I said I was lost. Well, I found myself briefly before getting lost again. Now also scared, wet and radiated. So, on the whole, not really an ideal progression.
Firstly, there appears to be flooding. Flooding with radiated water.

The water is cold, but the radiation is warming!

The water is cold, but the radiation is delightfully warming!

Also, it looks like a civil war broke out here, and the place is still packed with booby-traps. Without doubt the civil war has a lot to do with whatever the voices on the tape from the entrance were talking about.
But even with booby-traps and radiated flooding, Joe doesn’t can’t escape from the vault and leave the horror behind him… since this new area is perhaps even MORE confusing then the last one I got lost in.

I've looted this shelf like three times already.

I’ve looted this shelf like three times already.

Having finally made it out of the dorms, the layout of which was clearly based on some kind of mental rabbit warren, I head through into the admin area. It’s not nearly as exciting as it sounds, since most of the fun looking doors are locked. No amount of kicking or prying was any use. Likewise, the Overseer’s office is open, but the computer terminal is encrypted far beyond anything I can deal with. On the bright side I am free to pose at the desk to my heart’s content.

Like a boss.

Like a boss.

On the bright side I do find another piece to the puzzle. In the adjacent office I find another piece of the puzzle:

Excerpt from the deposition of the defendant Katherine Stone by Vault Attorney Gerard Miles

Q. Okay, let’s pick up where we left off, Kate.
A. Katherine.
Q. Sorry, right. Katherine. I keep forgetting.
A. My husband calls me Kate.
Q. You were telling us of a discussion you allegedly had with Roy Gottlieb of the Justice Bloc.
A. Not allegedly. Had. We’ve been through this.
Q. It’s still just your word against his, Ms. Stone. But please, the discussion.
A. [Sighs] He said my husband’s name had come up in their meetings.
Q. The candidate endorsement meetings?
A. Yes. They were going to endorse him. He wouldn’t say why, but I know my husband had a regular poker game with some of them, and he’d been on a winning streak lately.
Q. And according to you, what did Mr. Gottlieb offer?
A. He said he could sway his bloc. Prevent the endorsement. But only if I…
Q. Only if you what, Katherine?
A. Only if I…
Q. Only if you performed… favors.
A. Yes.
Q. Was this just for Mr. Gottlieb?
A. No. All the bloc leadership. Their friends.
Q. And you agreed.
A. What else could I do? They had a majority.
Q. How long did this go on before the endorsements came out?
A. I don’t know. A month, maybe.
Q. And when they came out, and your husband was endorsed despite your supposed agreement, was that when you decided to kill members of the bloc?
A. Yes. I thought, their majority is pretty slim. If I thinned things out a little, especially in the leadership, someone else might get elected.
Q. Assuming you weren’t caught.
A. No, Mr. Miles. I expected to be caught. That was my best chance. Now they’ll elect me.
Q. A confessed murderer? You think voters would be willing to risk putting you in charge?
A. They have to pick somebody and live with their reasons.
Q. Yes, but-
A. Wait and see.

Apparently also the most misogynistic team...

Apparently also the most misogynistic team…

Well, that explains a lot… After her husband’s nomination for the Overseer election (even after going to extreme lengths to prevent it), Kate snapped. Obviously the ‘pushing her’ that the previous log referred too…
But I’m about to see what it led to… (Hint: Nothing good)

As I go deeper the crazy-election motif begins to get overwritten with a civil uprising design. Skeletons and sandbag barricades are scattered about, as are multiple traps. You’d think that this might put me off, but if anything it encouraged me onwards – ammo and landmines are valuable commodities in the wastes, and this was a mother lode… if I can avoid getting a leg blown off.

I liked the confusing posters better...

I liked the confusing posters better… But this sells for more.

Despite the value of the gear I was finding, it was somewhat disconcerting to see a Vault in such a state. It could be my home that ended up like this (actually, remembering the day my father vanished, I was exiled and Jonas was killed… I guess it kinda did).

If Ed-e running off was a liability before, then it’s even more inconvenient now that Ed-e happily hovers over tripwires and landmines that would blow off any my valuable, fragile limbs – so I have to keep stopping, even if he’s several rooms over. In addition to the inherently confusing layout, I’m too busy disarming traps to keep track of things like directions or escape routes.

Damn you, robot! Slow down.

*Shotgun blast to the gut* Damn you, robot!

It seems like most paths bring me back to the one room – a reactor room with several doors. After finding myself back there about five times I finally resolve to try the tunnel that heads downwards… problem is that it seems a little… flooded with radiated water.
Granted, I’ve only just purged myself of radiation, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
I’m going to get through this place… one way or another.

Come on in, the radiation's fine!

Come on in, the radiation’s fine!


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