Procurements United

Now this is more like it!
For a start, this will be actually prospecting items from BEFORE the Great War. Real prospecting, not looting, scavenging or grave robbing! Who knows what strange and wonderful things we could find in here?
And now it’s not just me – Ed-e and Veronica are with me. No poor man running solo, lost and alone. It’s an actual adventuring party – A group, a gang, a company, a corporation! Hell, we should have a proper name for our little alliance. Tel’s Troubadours? The Prospector’s Alliance? Acquisitions Incorporated? Procurements United? I’ll have to think on it, but a name is definitely something that is going to happen.

The Repconn logo still sits proudly atop the building, the ‘O’ a stylised planet with a small spaceship whizzing past – both clearly indicating the nature of the company and silently hinting that there could be advanced technology to stumble upon inside. The building itself seems to be in pretty fair shape considering that it’s stood through a war and it has been standing for over 200 years.
And best of all, Mr. Handy robots silently patrol the outside of the building. Sentries that have kept rival prospectors at bay, the mere fact that they continue their patrols suggest that whatever valuables once lay inside are still there.

Okay, let's crack it open and see what we've won!

Okay, let’s crack it open and see what we’ve won!

It’s something of a surprise when the Robotic Sentries just let us stroll right in through the door… and a little disheartening since the lack of resistance suggests that we might not be the first people to come poking about. Therefore it’s actually a little comforting when the first thing we see is a pile of dead bodies – Proactive guards mean that there will still be some worthwhile prospecting to be done.
The bodies are all raiders, members of the Fiend’s gang, which is also somewhat of a comfort – looting slaughtered prospectors would make me feel guilty as I strip them down to their underwear, but I can loot raiders with a totally clear conscience.

It looks like they were all cut down trying to access a locked computer terminal. Rather than incite the same violence that killed this lot, I decide that it’s a better idea to look around the rest of the floor first.

Dead Fiends – putting the laughter in slaughter.

Dead Fiends – putting the laughter in slaughter.

I’m not able to take more than a few steps before a Mr Handy robot, like the ones outside, comes floating up to our little group. Considering the dead bodies (and my recent experience with robots in Vault 11), you might not be shocked to hear that my initial plan was to squeal like a frightened little girl and hide behind my compatriots.

But it turns out that no squealing and running is necessary, as the floating automaton was only flying over to ask if we wanted a tour.
Tour you say? Fair enough. Lead on, my fine floating friend! These festering fiends can await our return at a later date.

Is that a rocket in your lobby or are you just happy to meet us?

Is that a rocket in your lobby or are you just happy to meet us?

Through some large double doors, the tour guide narrates the history of the company while showing us a number of displays. Alas, the displays themselves are securely fastened to the floor, so there is no chance for me and my merry band to abscond with them.

 Ship like this, be with ya 'til the day you die.

” Ship like this, be with ya ’til the day you die.”
“Cause it’s a deathtrap.”

The big one was too hot. The little one was too cold. But the middle one was JUST right!

The big one was too hot. The little one was too cold. But the middle one was JUST right!

But in a way, it’s fitting that they stay here – a memento of the old world. When so much of the past is destroyed, I like the idea that this small segment of history remains – the displays and narrated history offering a tiny view of the optimism of the people who came before us. If only the silly buggers hadn’t blown it all up.

An early Mr Handy… seems like it would look better if it were flat.

An early Mr Handy… seems like it would look better if it were flat.

Baby got back.

Wow, Baby got back!
What? I’m talking about the space ship!

Tour over; we are left to our own recognisance and the first place Joe wants to get his hands into is the gift shop.
But sadly, it looks like the shelves have been thoroughly picked clean over the past two hundred years or so. A few plates, mugs and lunchboxes are all that remain, and I’m not desperate enough to start gathering up cutlery. Even the cash register has been emptied.

It should be unsurprising – roaming this area isn’t provoking any ire from the building’s floating guardians, so I should have known that other prospectors would have been here already.

There is a locked door to a storage room, but I can’t pick the lock, so like any scavengers that came before me, any treasures within are safe from my hands.

And when he looked there, the cupboard was bare.

And when he looked there, the cupboard was bare.

The next place to check out is the orrery. I have to say, I’m actually a little spellbound as the model planets and spaceships circle above my head. It’s strangely mesmerising. If this place wasn’t so far from the road, I could set up a toll booth and charge admission. “Let Honest Joe show you the wonders of the solar system!” I could even use the gift shop to sell all my junk.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get many visitors. Still, it would be nice if someone made sure that this place was still around for whomever came after us.

My God, it's full of stars!

My God, it’s full of stars!

Once I’m able to drag my eyes away from the swirling planetary display, I notice a door on the far side of the room. Intrigued, I make a quick check to make sure that no security robots are watching, and then dash through the door and up the stairs.

A large blinking console offers numerous tempting buttons, but I resist the urge to start button mashing. I’ve enjoyed the tour downstairs and don’t want to accidentally trash the joint by hammering on random switches and dials.
But what is worth putting my hands on is a bright red security card, still lying on the top of the panel. Excellent! At the entrance is a locked door, and in my hand I have a security key. It’s not hard to do the math.



Before trying the locked door, I get Veronica to help search the raider’s bodies – collecting the armour, weapons and consumables they were carrying. Once I’m satisfied that we have everything (and I’ve confiscated the Fiend Headdress that Veronica was considering wearing) I slide the security card into the terminal and hold my breath.

Really, Veronica? Really?

Really, Veronica? Seriously?

No alarms go off, no robots attack – it seems to be all clear. The door sides open and the robots in the lobby keep going around on their age-old patrols. Inside I can see desks, charging stations and storage closets – all preserved for 200 years, just waiting for someone to find a way through the security door.
Let the prospecting begin in earnest!


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