Hold on, Rocketeers!

I have to say, pillaging prospecting well-preserved, poorly-defended advanced technology firms is a vast improvement over radiated ghoul towns or rusty, trapped vaults. Let’s just do this from now on!

The very first room we broke into was a small closet just inside the security door. It didn’t want to let me in at first, but eventually some inept probing with my lock-pick was able to press all the right buttons and convince the door to swing open.
Inside was a bonanza of technology; a plasma pistol, a plasma rifle and enough micro-fusion energy-cells to power both for ages. That’s not even counting the medical supplies and the odd-ball components (like Fusion Batteries) that I can sell for a tidy profit. Just the contents of that one room is enough to make me cackle with delight.
I’m not sure where Ed-e is sticking them, but he is able to carry everything we’ve found so far… like an adorable backpack that floats and warns me of danger.

Worryingly, the moment we step out of the storeroom we almost run into a sentry robot that is floating ominously towards my small party. Quick – everybody try to look innocent!

QUICK - try to look like you belong here!

The feds are on the way bruv.

I win, sort of.

I win, sort of.

Well… that’s… good? I guess.
The security card means that the guards will leave us alone – for now. Ideally, that’s how it will stay. Sure, the robots themselves could easy supply a small fortune in scrap metal and ammunition, but I’d rather plunder all the sweet booty and wonder out without a fight then spend hours fighting room to room. Although, with Ed-e and Veronica that is an option if everything turns a bit fubar.



After ransacking the bottom floor it’s time to move on to the second and, much like the first, the sentries seem willing to let me pass if I flash the security badge about… Although they have started to call me “Ms Wang”, which was somewhat unexpected. The posters on the wall do seem to suggest that pushing our luck with the security robots might lead to an inevitable fiery confrontation, so it’s probably a good idea to try getting my face into that database sooner rather than later.

Good point, well made.

Good point, well made.

Luckily we don’t have to look too far to find a computer that will allow us to alter Ms Wang’s photo to resemble my own face. With the robots now convinced that I work here, I’m able to wonder about the office space, piling piles of pilfered products into my illimitable pockets.

Oh, sweet virgin territory. I'll be so gentle, I promise.

Oh, sweet virgin plunder. I’ll be so gentle, I promise.

Heh, heh, heh. It says 'wang'.

Heh, heh, heh. It says ‘wang’.

That's a killer cup of joe!

That’s a killer cup of joe!

It’s obvious that we are the first ones to explore this part of the building since the Great War, as the whole building is still littered with items worth selling. One store room has medical supplies, someone’s desk had a sweet manual on energy weapons and one office even contained several stacks of pre-war cash in an old briefcase. It’s just as well that I have the rest of Procurements United with me to help drag it all away.



It does appear the building is somewhat worse-for-wear inside, with one part of the floor collapsed and, in another area, a section of the celling caved in. But those areas are easy enough to work around.
Nevertheless, it’s probably a good idea to make this fast.

Each time a facial recognition scanner passes by, I feel an intrinsic need to pull the wires out the back the moment it turns around. At this stage, it’s approaching an obsession, but I just don’t trust them. Vault 11 has put me off robots for life… except for Ed-e who helped me pull my bacon out of the fire.


“Yes, Veronica. Really.”

After probing all of level 2’s hidden nooks and crannies it’s time to progress to the third and final floor of the Repconn Headquarters. One of the computers below was able to print out an executive pass, so Joe’s rampant reign of robot rescinding continues unabated on level 3. Each one welcomes me with a happy and chirpy greeting, only to have its wiring yanked out its exhaust pipe the moment it turns away. I just about, almost, feel guilty. Almost.

Receptionist? Party of three to loot your vault.

Receptionist? Party of three to loot your vault.

Well, in that case you're s*** out of luck

Well, in that case you’re s*** out of luck

Upstairs we find the bodies of two of Veronica’s bothers. Not her literal brothers, but rather ‘brothers’ from the Brotherhood of Steel. It looks like part of the wall fell on them… although goodness knows how they even got up here. Perhaps they came up the path that is now collapsed?
If nothing else, it does reinforce my desire to make the rest of this trip quick. If a collapse can hurt someone in Power-Armour I don’t want to know what it would do to me.

OOOoooooo. Awkward.

OOOoooooo. Awkward.

Veronica doesn’t seem too devastated, so we elect to push on. Also, she can make good use of their belongings. I’m sure it’s what they would have wanted.

Does this make my butt look big?

“Does this make my butt look big?”
“Yes. Yes, it does.”

We breeze through the rest of the level, lock-picking or hacking when we can, and ignoring anything that we can’t get access to. It doesn’t take long to clear most of the valuable items into our pockets and we are soon ready to go…
But there is one more thing. A few of the terminals referenced a prototype plasma rifle that this company had been working on.
Heading back through the 2nd level we take a slight detour down the section that had the collapsed ceiling. We had to pick through a door or two, but we are let into a room that contained a crap-load of ammo, another book on energy weapons and a glowing yellow forcefield.

He seems to be wearing my hat...

This poster seem somewhat prophetic… they really nailed the hat.

I had been worried about how I was going to get the prototype out of the forcefield, but the damn thing was actually lying on the floor just outside of it. Just lying there in all its metallic beauty. It must be worth anywhere from 3000 to 5000 caps, and it’s just lying there on the ground.
I waste little time in claiming the prize, but while it’s worth a bundle, I can hardly wait to see what it looks like in action. I can’t think of anyone better to test it than Victoria – who, as part of the Brotherhood, is used to advanced technology.

I like how that gun looks on you.... give us a spin!

I like how that gun looks on you… give us a spin!

Ooooooooooo, yeah!

Ooooooooooo, yeah!

With the building relatively clear, we exit the building into the crisp desert night. This was the most successful mission I’ve ever attempted. Sure, we potentially left some valuables behind locked-doors or secure terminals, but our prospecting turned up heaps of valuables and found a rare prototype that is worth a fortune! And at no point did anything explode, poison me, radiate me, chase me or try to shoot me.
If Procurements United’s future excursions are even half this successful, I’ll be a very rich man!


Winners! Procurements United are the winners!


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