Well, that was a wonderful night’s sleep considering that the prevalent aroma of deceased drug enthusiast didn’t really facilitate rest or relaxation. I’m not sure if Veronica was as happy about our accommodation as I was, yet I assume that she is both thrilled and excited about the calibre of my wise and benevolent leadership.
There are a busy few days ahead for Procurements United, but before we get to prospecting the surrounding ruins I figure we should get to know our neighbours.

We make our way to the one accessible downstairs door, hearts aflutter with anticipation. Perhaps we should have brought a fruit basket? No one answers when we knock, so we just let ourselves in.

"I'm uneasy about this." "Come on, Veronica, what's the worst that could happen?" "If your optimism had a face, I would punch it."

“I’m uneasy about this.”
“Come on, Veronica, what’s the worst that could happen?”

The door leads us into a room that looks much like ours did (including the drugs scattered about), although it had one less bed. Oh, yes – And also of note its overabundance of scorpions. Not a gang called Scorpions, but literal scorpions. The place is crawling with them.
I squeal and hop up on a bed while my stalwart companions zap them into mulch.

GAH! Save me, Jebus!

GAH! Save me, Jebus!

So… that’s less then awesome. But there are other rooms here and other neighbours to meet.

"Really? Again?" "Come on, Veronica, what's the worst that could happen?" "Seriously? Our other neighbour is 'scorpions'." "Good point, well made."

“Really? Again?”
“Come on, Veronica, what’s the worst that could happen?”
“Seriously? Our other neighbour is ‘scorpions’.”
“Good point, well made.”

It’s with some relief that we find the next room apparently empty. I take a little look around and find that the ’empty syringe’ decor seems to be a motel speciality. It is somewhat surprising when a screaming junkie waving a knife bursts out of the bathroom and comes running towards us. I dare say, however, that Joe was not as surprised as the junkie was when Veronica punched him right back into the bathroom, where he collapsed in an unconscious heap. Perhaps not the ideal way to greet a new neighbour, but I’m sure it left an impact. (*Ba-dom-dom-PISH!*)

Now that we have met the neighbours… and murdered them… it’s time to take a start dealing with the local hot-spots.
I have mixed feelings about our chances in the surrounding ruins. On one hand, these places have been lying abandoned for over 200 years – more than enough time to be stripped clean. On the other hand, the farmers might not have been interested in braving the collapsing buildings, and the raiders that are common hereabouts will have kept the legitimate prospectors away. And there is a chance that the settlers left equipment worth salvaging when the raiders moved in from the west and cased them away.
Regardless there is only one way to find out! (Well… two ways, but Veronica reacted poorly to the idea that she go scout the surrounding buildings while I stay here and sleep).

Today’s target for prospecting is an old warehouse. We passed it on the way to the motel, but I didn’t bother to check it out because I was tired, hungry and cranky.

"Oh good, an abandoned warehouse. This will end well." "Come on, Veronica, what's the worst that could happen?" "I hate you."

“Oh good picking, Joe – an abandoned warehouse. This will end well.”
“Come on, Veronica, what’s the worst that could happen?”
“If your optimism had a face, I would punch it.”

Inside is one of the oddest buildings I’ve ever prospected… I want to call it an abandoned warehouse. It doesn’t look like anything of value is stored here, there are no signs denoting ownership and there are a lot of blank shelves. Certainly, if this is an inhabited warehouse, whomever owns it is doing a piss-poor job of keeping it stocked.
On the other hand… Pack-brahmin.

It's no bull!

It’s no bull!

They don’t seem underfeed, so presumably someone is feeding them. Also, they resist any attempts to get them to follow me… not that I was considering stealing them.

And therein is my dilemma; If this place is abandoned, I can take whatever I want. If it were owned, taking anything would be stealing. But as I said, there is nothing obvious that suggests the place actually belongs to someone.
There are a few computers lying about, but none have any notes, letters or information that would clear up the question of ownership.

"Can we just go now, Joe?" "Computer says no."

“Can we just go now, Joe?”
“Computer says no.”

At the end of the day, I decide that all this mental anguish isn’t really worth it. There is booze, but nothing of any real value. The stuff here is hardly worth the backpack space it would take to haul it away.
Why risk pissing someone off when the payoff is so small?

"Pfft. As if I don't get enough of that from Veronica already."

“Pfft. As if I don’t get enough of that from Veronica already.”

With some reluctance we cease molesting the lifestock and head back to our apartment block.
So, I guess today wasn’t really a hallmark day for Procurements United, but there is always tomorrow. I’m confident that my wisdom will eventually shine through.


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