Non-Post: Behold the glory!

No post today. No, it’s not because I’m lazy – it’s because I’m celebrating. Celebrating what? Not American independence day… No, something far more exciting than a bunch of silly yanks. I’m celebrating ONE WHOLE YEAR! One whole year of Failing Fallout New Vegas, (mostly) twice a week.
Considering that the original Failing Fallout only lasted five months, I’m shocked that I’ve lasted this long. Trying to fit Joe’s adventures around TV, other games, books, comics and other pastimes has been a bit of a mission – and more than a few times I’ve considered letting Joe wonder into gunfire just to get it all over with. Yet onwards we march!

So instead of writing a new post I’m going to play some Battlefield – High-five! Wait… what’s that? You need a Fallout fix?
Why not check out the Penny Arcade Fallout comic?

PA Fallout

What’s that? Not enough? Fine. How about trying the fan-made Nuka-Cola film?

You’re totally welcome!

See you all next week!


One Response to “Non-Post: Behold the glory!”

  1. I like these and I read all of these in two days and all of the original failing fallout posts too. Keep up the good work.

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