Based on the ‘Liven In Oblivion’ blog, the original Failing Fallout followed the adventures of an average Joe in Fallout 3. Joe was as average as I could make him – instead of building an adventurer I made his attributes as general as possible – so he excelled at nothing. Unlike a normal game, I tried to play Joe like a ‘real’ person – he had to sleep, he had to eat, he had to drink and he was unwilling to put himself into danger.
After reluctantly leaving the vault, Joe got lost in the city, almost got driven mad, became a lawbringer (capturing raiders for the slavers), adopted a dog, found a home, opened up a store (Honest Joe’s Wonder Emporium) and made a new life in the wasteland.
Sadly Joe’s adventure came to an end, but with a new game comes a new world, and Joe’s chance to live again. Welcome to Failing Fallout: New Vegas!

Just like last time I’ll be playing cowardly, cunning old Joe – back when I created Joe my first instinct was to give him high intelligence, high charisma and low physical stats – after all, this is a dude who has been stuck in a vault his whole life and someone who will be trading a lot. But that just didn’t seem right to me.
I mean, a highly intelligent, articulate nerd is a perfectly good character archetype – but the idea here isn’t to make a good character or even a believable character. The idea is to be an average joe. Joe doesn’t WANT to be a trader. Hell, he didn’t even want to leave the vault.

New Vegas has its own hardcore mode, so I won’t need to self-impose eating, sleeping and drinking rules myself. The other rules still apply:
* No Fast Travel
* No Loading
* No Running (short bursts are okay)

I’ve learnt a few things from the last blog – this time around I’ll be trying to post smaller posts, but post them more often. The plan is to post every Tuesday and Thursday.

The ride starts here: https://failingfalloutnewvegas.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/joe-will-rise/


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