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I want to let everyone know about something very, very exciting that’s happening. Long story short, there is a project underway to create Wasteland 2. Wasteland is a game from the 80s which is responsible for the blog you’re reading right now.

But first, for those who don’t know the long story, long ago in 1988 Interplay made the RPG Wasteland, which was subsequently published by EA. Set on the West Coast around Vegas, Wasteland was a post-apocalyptic game that featured a group of Desert Rangers who investigated disturbances, met companions and explored the post-apocalyptic world.
Sound familiar? It should.

Hint. Hint.

Hint, hint!

In the 90s Interplay was now self-publishing. They were looking to make a new Wasteland game, but ran into a problem when they found out that EA still held the rights to the name. So they had to give their game a different name… Fallout.
Many of the elements in Fallout are directly based on aspects of Wasteland, obviously changed for copyright reasons. For example, the Brotherhood of Steel is directly based on the Guardian Citadel and Deathclaws are basically Shadowclaws.

That’s not to say that they are the same series or that Wasteland is really Fallout 0 – there are some big differences. Wasteland tended to be less grounded, a tad crazier and time locked in the 80s, while the retro futuristic 50s vibe was unique to Fallout. And Fallout had a single player character, while Wasteland had a team.

It’s classic. And by classic, I mean old.

It’s classic. And by classic, I mean old.

But despite the change of setting, there have always been strong links between the two series. The most obvious one for new Fallout fans is the massive statue in New Vegas that commemorates the treaty between the NCR and the Desert Rangers. You can obtain Desert Ranger combat armour and the Old World Blues DLC was full of references including the proton axe, toaster and the blood sausage.
In Fallout 1 there is even a Desert Ranger that will join your party and reference NPCs from Wasteland.
For more information on the original, and how it relates to Fallout, check out:

Guardian Citadel vs Brotherhood Citadel: Look, I’m not saying that there haven’t been some improvements over the years.

Guardian Citadel vs Brotherhood Citadel: Look, I’m not saying that there haven’t been some improvements over the years.

Sooo… cut to today. Well it turns out inXile, owned by former Interplay boss Brian Fargo, now owns the rights to Wasteland and is looking at kickstarting Wasteland 2.
We all know how hard it is to get funding for games that aren’t targeted at casual gamers and the mass market.
But Kickstarter is opening the door to hardcore and niche games by side-stepping publishers altogether. For those who haven’t heard of Kickstarter before, think of it like pre-ordering the game. Pay $15 now, and when it’s finished you’ll get a digital copy of the full game for free. Pay more then $15 and you’ll get additional benefits (signed posters, figures, physical copies and so forth). Because the developer is getting money from fans instead of a publisher, they can make a game that reflects their vision rather then a game the publisher thinks will sell.
Wasteland 2 is set to be top down, skill based and with turn-based combat. Basically exactly what Fallout Dinosaurs say they want. As a bonus, it’s to be set in the world that spawned Fallout.

And it’s not just talk. inXile is pretty damn serious about it. Mark Morgan who created music for Fallout 1/2 (and whose work was also featured in New Vegas) has been hired to do the soundtrack. Alan Pavlish, a programmer/designer who worked on the original Wasteland, is part of the team. Michael Stackpole, a designer on Wasteland and Bard’s Tale is in the team.
That’s the entire original team (minus one chap who has since retired)

So depending on how you see it, you can score an interesting game for $15 (which is a steal) or pay a bit more and get a true old-school RPG package. Either way, this is something worth checking out.
See the website for more:

The Kickstarter is now over – but you can preorder the full game here:


Make it happen internet!


3 Responses to “SUPPORT WASTELAND 2!”

  1. So it’s the same engine used in Shadowrun Returns? Let’s hope the storyline isn’t so stinkin’ linear!

  2. Thegrailhunter Says:

    Inxile takes the Fallout spirit in the direction the series should go where Bethesda is failing. The F4 RPG part made me want to cry where the game felt like a braindead goop of repitative shooting and doing similar questlines that tired me out quckly.

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