The Rules!

* No Loading! – If I die, I die. Reloading will only be allowable in cases of crashes.

* Hardcore mode is ON.
– Joe must drink, eat, and have proper sleep cycles or will suffer negative effects, or even death.
– Stimpaks heal over time, not instantly.
– Ammunition has weight.
– Only a doctor, a doctor’s bag or hydra can heal a crippled limb.
– RadAway heals radiation poisoning over time.
– Companions can die.

* No fast travel – I have to walk everywhere. Running is allowed in some cases. I’ve seen NPCs leg it when they want to be somewhere, and I’ll be damned if I have to crawl. Having said that, I’ll only run if I have a legitimate in-character reason.

* No Heroic Quests – I will not take any quest that an ordinary trader would be afraid of. For example, a quest where someone will trade obscene sums of money for cola is perfectly acceptable. Someone asking me to fight soldiers, slavers or mutants will be told to sod off.

* The levelling system in Fallout allows you to distribute skills anyway you want. It doesn’t make much sense that spending weeks shooting people in the face would help you suddenly figure out how to pick a lock, so Joe will only get skill boosts to skills he has actually been using.

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One Response to “The Rules!”

  1. This is a pretty good idea i might try this myself as i have done most side quests and im at level 33 and i don’t want to finish the story until i play Lonesome road so i think ill do this to pass the time 🙂

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